Lena Dawkins was the proprietor of the local village store between 1975 and 1976. Lena was a bit of a gossip but she was also a no nonsense lady, and once time she even put Amos Brearly in his place. In 1975, Norah Norris left the shop and Mrs Dawkins took over.



Lena was born in the mid 1930s in Beckindale. She later married a Mr Dawkins. Lena was known for being feisty, and was a bit of a gossip.


Lena Dawkins was a regular customer at The Woolpack. In January 1974 she complained about the price increase in the shop and wanted to report Henry for charging more than the retail price. She never did report him though. She even downed a pint in 1974 and chatted up traveller Dryden Hogben. In 1975, Mrs Dawkins helped out at the shop. One time, Norah Norris walked out and left Mrs Dawkins the key. Woolpack landlord Amos Brearly was report by Lena for keeping a rubbish bin in The Woolpack bar. Amos even tried to pull a fast one with Mrs Dawkins and she took no nonsense from him. He respected her after that. When Wilf Padgett installed a post office in the shop, Mrs Dawkins kept trying to make small talk with him and disrupted his work. The new post office was eventually installed.

In February 1976, Lena was running the shop. She commented on Fred Farrar being a possible poacher. Mrs Swannick took over when Mrs Dawkins was unavailable.

After 1976, what became of Mrs Dawkins is unknown. By 1988, a Mrs Robson ran the shop, indicating that Mrs Dawkins had left the village or was no longer working at the shop, but still residing in Beckindale.

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