Leonard Purwick is the husband of Phyllis Acaster and the step-father of Dolly Skilbeck. In June 1978, Leonard arrived in Beckindale with Phyllis, and purchased a house on Demdyke Row for them to live in, just before Dolly's wedding. Dolly asked her mother what she's playing at, but Phyllis quickly announces that Leonard is her new father and will be giving her away at the wedding - to the fury of Amos Brearly, who Dolly asked to give her away in the first place. Before Dolly's wedding to Matt Skilbeck, he tries to convince her to join him and Phyllis on their honeymoon to the Bahamas but she declines.

Leonard was mentioned in February 1979 when Phyllis said she couldn't look after Phyllis's ill sister Jessie Renfrew for at least three months as she was away on business with Leonard.

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