Levi Dingle was the youngest of the Dingle brothers. Levi adored his brother Nat but idolised Mick. Levi was ill and was coddled by his mother as a child. Their mother died in 1914 and Nat and Mick promised to look after Levi, which they took too seriously and annoyed Levi. When Mick joined the war, Levi did too. He was initially rejected as he was too young but lied he was 19. Mick and Nat prevented Levi from joining the war so they shot him in the leg, leaving him with a permanent limp. Levi was furious as he was discharged from the war and further enraged when Mick made him promise to hide the fact Nat did it purposefully. Levi went to work full-time for Will Hutton, staying in Will's recently deceased son's bedroom. Ava Bainbridge branded Levi a shirker, and convinced the village (aside from Rose Haywood and Will) that he was a shirker too. Levi was horrified when he spotted Rose, who he had developed feelings for, kissing and getting undressed with Mick, and began a hate campaign against Mick. Levi agreed to act as a go-between for Rose and Mick's letters, as Rose couldn't let her father find the letters, and Levi believed that Rose would eventually tire of Mick's illiteracy. When she didn't, he began destroying some of their letters. However, he accidentally dropped one wich Ava found. Ava blackmailed Rose and when Rose told Levi, Levi vowed to make sure Ava never bothered Rose again. When The Woolpack caught fire in November 1915, Rose caught Levi smirking as the building burnt, and was thrilled to learn that Ava was dead. Rose, however, didn't report Levi to the police.

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