PC Linda Johnson was a police officer who questioned the Tates when Zoe Tate made a rape allegation against Scott Windsor in July 2003. Johnson was called when Charity Tate started attacking her husband Chris in September 2003, and returned shortly after to investigate Chris's death.

In January 2004, Johnson went after Scott, who had kidnapped Jean Tate and locked her and himself in the garage. Johnson also questioned Carl King over the death of Paul Marsden in July 2004. Johnson pulled over and questioned Robert Sugden in September 2004 when Callum Rennie mistakenly reported him for stealing a car from Home Farm.

Johnson and PC Calburn arrested Shadrach Dingle in May 2005 when Edna Birch caught Shadrach urinating in the middle of the street. Johnson also ended up arresting Shadrach again later that month when he stole alcohol from the Post Office.

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