This is a list of all the made-up locations that have either been mentioned or appeared in the show.

Emmerdale (formerly Beckindale) Edit

Chapel Lane (no longer exists) Edit

Church Lane Edit

Connelton Lane Edit

Cottells Lane Edit

Cricketer's Row Edit

Demdyke Row (no longer exists) Edit

Hotten Road Edit

Main Street Edit

Robblesfield Way Edit

Widdup Lane Edit

Unspecified location Edit

Hotten Edit

Abbott Lane Edit

Arthur Street Edit

Boundary Road Edit

Connelton Lane Edit

Granger Road Edit

Hitchin Road Edit

  • Gym

Hotten Bypass Edit

Hotten Road Edit

Maple Grove Edit

Maple Road Edit

Market Street Edit

Napier Avenue Edit

Oxton Street Edit

Radmal Park Close Edit

Robblesfield Road Edit

Rowlands Avenue Edit

Sadler Copse Edit

Station Road Edit

Summerbank Road Edit

Toll Lane Edit

Tudor Gardens Edit

Walker Street Edit

Wynford Avenue Edit

Unspecified location Edit

Skipdale Edit

Canal Road Edit

Lennox Road Edit

Skipdale Lane Edit

Skipdale Road Edit

Thirford Road Edit

Unspecified location Edit

Connelton Edit

Hotten Road Edit

School Lane Edit

Unspecified location Edit

Robblesfield Edit

Robblesfield Lane Edit

Unspecified location Edit

Fictional locations in real towns Edit

Bradford Edit

Yorkshire Edit

Unspecified Edit

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