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A list of weddings which have featured in Emmerdale storylines since 1972.


No Bride(s) Bridegroom(s) Best man/woman Bridesmaid Ceremony Honeymoon Episode/Date
1 Janie Harker Frank Blakey Jack Sugden Unkown St. Mary's Church Spain Episode 46 (27th March 1973)
2 Christine Sharp Joe Sugden Unkown Unkown St. Mary's Church Episode 192 (10th September 1974)
3 Dolly Acaster Matt Skilbeck Joe Sugden St. Mary's Church Episode 460 (29th June 1978)
4 Pat Merrick Jack Sugden Joe Sugden Annie Sugden Registry office Episode 747 (5th October 1982)
5 Kathy Bates Jackie Merrick Archie Brooks Deborah St. Mary's Church Tunisia Episode 1219 (3rd February 1988)
6 Kate Hughes Joe Sugden Jack Sugden St. Mary's Church Episode 1341 (12th April 1989)
7 Kathy Merrick Christopher Tate Alex Unknown Registry Office New York Episode 1606 (5th November 1991)
8 Elizabeth Feldmann Eric Pollard Archie Brooks St. Mary's Church Episode 1701 (6th October 1992)
9 Annie Sugden Leonard Kempinski Episode 1812 (28th October 1993)
10 Shirley Foster Alan Turner Amos Brearly &
Seth Armstrong
Episode 1842 (10th February 1994)
11 Jack Sugden Sarah Connolly Episode 1870 (19th May 1994)
12 Kim Barker Frank Tate Unknown Alice Bates Ripon Cathedral Unknown Episode 1932 (22nd December 1994)
13 Rachel Hughes Christopher Tate Registry Office Episode 2033 (7th December 1995)
14 Emma Nightingale
Zoe Tate
N/A none none Episode 2082 (21st May 1996)
15 Kathy Tate David Glover Registry Office Episode 2137 (28th November 1996)
16 Linda Glover Biff Fowler David Glover St. Mary's Church Episode 2144 (24th December 1996)
17 Dee de la Cruz Eric Pollard Sam Dingle None. Registry Office Tour of Britain Episode 2199 (1st May 1997)
18 Tara Cockburn Lord Alex Oakwell Episode 2246 (21st August 1997)
19 Lisa Clegg Zak Dingle Ned Glover St. Mary's Church Episode 2316 (28th January 1998)
20 Kim Tate Steve Marchant Salim Nabie Zoe Tate Home Farm None Episode 2357 (7th May 1998)
21 Lady Tara Oakwell Lord Michael Thornfield Zoe Tate Registry office Episode 2417 (16th September 1998)
22 Mandy Dingle Butch Dingle Episode 2442 (11th November 1998)
23 Kelly Windsor Roy Glover Biff Fowler
Scott Windsor
Donna Windsor St. Mary's Church Wishing Well Cottage Episode 2528 (27th May 1999)
24 Mandy Dingle Paddy Kirk Marlon Dingle St. Mary's Church Venice Episode 2591 (13th October 1999)
25 Emily Wylie Butch Dingle Marlon Dingle None Hotten General Hospital None Episode 2671 (24th March 2000)
26 Tricia Stokes Joe Fisher Episode 2802 (6th December 2000)
27 Bernice Blackstock Ashley Thomas Episode 2815 (25th December 2000)
28 Viv Windsor Bob Hope Episode 2845 (5th February 2001)
29 Charity Dingle Christopher Tate Terry Woods
Rodney Blackstock
Chloe Atkinson Registry Office Unknown Episode 3056 (27th November 2001)
30 Gloria Weaver Eric Pollard Marlon Dingle Unknown St. Mary's Church Unknown Episode 3169 (2nd May 2002)
31 Emily Dingle Paddy Kirk St. Mary's Church Episode 3289 (17th October 2002)
32 Tricia Stokes Marlon Dingle St. Mary's Church Episode 3375 (14th February 2003)
33 Dawn Hope Terry Woods Christopher Tate None St. Mary's Church Episode 3397 (18th March 2003)
34 Katie Addyman Andy Sugden Robert Sugden Donna Windsor
Victoria Sugden
St. Mary's Church London Episode 3664 (17th February 2004)
35 Diane Blackstock Jack Sugden Robert Sugden Louise Appleton
Victoria Sugden
St. Mary's Church Unknown Episode 3849/3850 (21st September 2004)
36 Laurel Potts Ashley Thomas Louise Appleton Nicola Blackstock St. Mary's Church Loch Lomond Episode 4197 (6th November 2005)
37 Donna Windsor Marlon Dingle Scott Windsor
Paddy Kirk
Kelly Windsor
Dawn Woods
St. Mary's Church Unknown Episode 4286/4287 (16th February 2006)
38 Viv Windsor Bob Hope Terry Woods Roxy Lockhart St. Mary's Church Unknown Episode 4286/4287 (16th February 2006)
39 Sadie King Alasdair Sinclair Grayson Sinclair St. Andrew's Church None Episode 4318 (24th March 2006)
40 Alice Wilson Sam Dingle Marlon Dingle Belle Dingle St. Mary's Church Scarborough Episode 4344 (24th April 2006)
41 Rosemary Sinclair Tom King

Jimmy King,
Matthew King,
Carl King
& Charles Vaughan

None St. Mary's Church None Episode 4553/4554 (25th December 2006)
42 Jo Stiles Andy Sugden Prison Episode 4916 (19th February 2008)
43 N/A Paul Lambert
Jonny Foster
Registry Office Episode 4927 (3rd March 2008)
44 Val Lambert Eric Pollard David Metcalfe
Paul Lambert
Diane Sugden
Sharon Lambert
St. Mary's Church What Price Love? (3rd June 2008)
45 Lexi Nicholls Carl King Jimmy King Scarlett Nicholls St. Mary's Church Episode 5258/5259 (31st March 2009)
46 Nicola De Souza Jimmy King Carl King Laurel Thomas
Scarlett Nicholls
Gabby Thomas
St. Mary's Church Tenerife Episode 5632 (11th June 2010)
47 Charity Tate Jai Sharma Declan Macey Sarah Sugden Registry Office Paris Episode 6145 (26th January 2012)
48 Alicia Gallagher David Metcalfe Nikhil Sharma None Registry Office None Episode 6281 (5th July 2012)
49 Rhona Goskirk Paddy Kirk Marlon Dingle St. Mary's Church Episode 6313 (9th August 2012)
50 Katie Sugden Declan Macey Jai Sharma Gennie Walker St. Mary's Church Episode 6369 (15th October 2012)/Episode 6370 (16th October 2012)
51 Chas Dingle Dan Spencer Sean Spencer Gennie Walker St. Mary's Church Episode 6370 (16th October 2012)/Episode 6371/6372 (17th October 2012)
52 Gennie Walker Nikhil Sharma Jai Sharma
David Metcalfe
Katie Macey Home Farm

Episode 6526 (12th April 2013)
Episode 6527 (15th April 2013)

53 Alicia Harding David Metcalfe None None St. Mary's Church Episode 6748/6749 (25th December 2013)
54 Moira Barton Cain Dingle Zak Dingle Vanessa Woodfield Butlers Farm Unknown Episode 6871 (15th May 2014)
55 Charity Dingle Declan Macey None None Home Farm Barbados Episode 6871 (15th May 2014)
56 Kerry Wyatt Dan Spencer Sean Spencer None St. Mary's Church Unkown Episode 6922/6923 (22nd July 2014)
57 Laurel Thomas Marlon Dingle Paddy Kirk Nicola King
Rhona Goskirk
St. Mary's Church Unkown Episode 6970 (11th September 2014)

Ali Spencer
Ruby Haswell

N/A None Amelia Spencer St. Mary's Church Unkown Episode 7046 (5th December 2014)
59 Katie Addyman Andy Sugden Victoria Sugden Chas Dingle
Leyla Harding
Vanessa Woodfield
St. Mary's Church Unknown Episode 7062/7063 (25th December 2014)
60 Megan Macey Jai Sharma Unknown Unknown Registry Office Unknown Episode 7081 (15th January 2015)
61 Chrissie White Robert Sugden Andy Sugden Alicia Metcalfe St. Mary's Church Episode 7100 (6th February 2015)
62 Victoria Sugden Adam Barton Aaron Livesy None Registry Office Newquay Episode 7218 (25th June 2015)
63 Debbie Dingle Pete Barton Finn Barton Sarah Sugden Jr. St. Mary's Church None Episode 7252/7253 (4th August 2015)
64 Bernice Blackstock Lawrence White None Nicola King and Angelica King Home Farm Episode 7352/7353 (24th November 2015)
65 Priya Sharma Rakesh Kotecha None None Registry office None Episode 7447 (10th March 2016)
66 Laurel Dingle Ashley Thomas Bob Hope Gabby Thomas St. Mary's Church Episode 7454 (18th March 2016)
67 Joanie Wright Zak Dingle Sam Dingle Belle Dingle and Kerry Wyatt St. Mary's Church Episode 7580/7581 (9th August 2016)
68 Tracy Shankley David Metcalfe Jacob Gallagher Carly Hope St. Mary's Church Episode 7623 (22nd September 2016)
69 Rhona Goskirk Pierce Harris Leo Goskirk Carly Hope St. Mary's Church None Episode 7807 (24th April 2017)
70 Brenda Walker Bob Hope None Cathy Hope
April Windsor
St. Mary's Church Episode 8145 (10th May 2018) and Episode 8146 (10th May 2018)
71 N/A

Robert Sugden
Aaron Dingle

Victoria Barton
Liv Flaherty
Church Lane car park Unknown Episode 8278 (5th October 2018)
72 Jessie Grant Marlon Dingle Paddy Dingle St. Mary's Church Belfast Episode 8359 (7th January 2019)
73 Lisa Dingle Zak Dingle Sam Dingle St. Mary's Church Whitby (never attended) Episode 8485 (23rd May 2019) and Episode 8486 (23rd May 2019)
74 Lydia Hart Sam Dingle Samson Dingle St. Mary's Church None Episode 8777 (15th April 2020) and Episode 8778 (17th April 2020)
75 Chas Dingle Paddy Kirk Marlon Dingle None St. Mary's Church Cotswolds Episode 8924/8925 (25th December 2020)
76 Leyla Harding Liam Cavanagh None None Unknown Unknown Episode 9075/9076 (17th June 2021)
77 Dawn Taylor Billy Fletcher None None St. Mary's Church None Episode 9286 (14th February 2022)
78 Liv Flaherty Vinny Dingle None None Daventry Registry Office None Episode 9295 (24th February 2022)

Off-screen weddings

No Bride Bridegroom Ceremony Honeymoon Episode/Date Notes
1 Ethel Ainsworth Mr. Snape Unknown 1974
2 Phyllis Acaster Leonard Purwick Unknown Episode 458 (22nd June 1978) Phyllis was late arriving to Beckindale for her daughter's wedding as she had married Leonard in secret.
3 Pip Coulter Steve Hawker Unknown Episode 460 (29th June 1978) Pip and Steve eloped without the knowledge of their families.
4 Janet Bulstrode Michael Whiteley Unknown Episode 1046 (6th May 1986) Donald Hinton married the pair, stealing Seth Armstrong's bike to make it to the church when his car broke down.
5 Sonia Malcolm Bates Registry office Episode 1188 (29th September 1987)
6 Steph Stokes Adam Forsythe Unknown 2006 Steph and Adam decided to marry in secret whilst on holiday.
7 Manpreet Jutla Rishi Sharma Las Vegas N/A 2019

Failed weddings/jiltings

No Bride Bridegroom Best man Bridesmaid Ceremony Circumstances Episode/Date
1 Elsa Feldmann Nick Bates Registrar Office Elsa goes into labour on the way to the registrar office and gives birth to a baby girl. Episode 1531 (14th February 1991)
2 Tina Dingle Luke McAllister Biff Fowler Dolores Sharp St. Mary's Church The wedding is revealed to be revenge on Luke for the death of Tina's brother Ben the year before. Episode 1992 (20th July 1995)
3 Lisa Clegg Albert Dingle Marlon Dingle None Robblefield Church Lisa wanted to marry Albert's brother Zak instead. Episode 2254 (10th September 1997)
4 Kathy Glover Biff Fowler Marlon Dingle Alice Bates St. Mary's Church Biff found that Kathy had been unfaithful Episode 2559 (5th August 1999)
5 Nicola Blackstock Carlos Diaz Terry Woods Emily Dingle
Bernice Thomas
St. Mary's Church Nicola found out that Carlos had been unfaithful. Episode 3018 (4th October 2001)
6 Tricia Fisher Marlon Dingle Paddy Kirk Emily Dingle St. Mary's Church Chewing gun was stuck in Tricia's hair and when she turned around too fast, she cricked her neck. Episode 3289 (17th October 2002)
7 Charity Tate Tom King

Jimmy King
Matthew King
Carl King
Max King

Chas Dingle
Debbie Dingle
St. Mary's Church Tom was shown photos of Charity kissing her cousin Cain. Episode 3939/3940 (4th January 2005)
8 Sharon Lambert Dan McHerron Registrar office Dan finds out Sharon is only marrying him for this money Episode 4690 (30th May 2007)
9 Kelly Windsor Jimmy King Matthew King
Carl King
Donna Windsor-Dingle
Scarlett Nicholls
St. Mary's Church Jimmy jilts Kelly when Eli Dingle tells him about Kelly's abortion. Episode 4800/4801 (9th October 2007)
10 Jo Stiles Andy Sugden None None Butlers Farm Andy is called into court for sentencing and is given three years imprisonment. Judgement Day (8th January 2008)
11 Anna De Souza Matthew King Jimmy King Katie Sugden Home Farm Matthew died after crashing his van into a wall when he tried to mow his brother Carl down, but swerved when he saw Anna in his path. Episode 5169/5170 (16th December 2008)
12 Charity Tate Michael Conway Ian Walmsley Unknown St. Clement's Church Wedding is called off after Michael reveals his affair with Charity's daughter Debbie to Charity. Episode 5414 (1st October 2009)
Episode 5415 (1st October 2009)
13 Charity Tate Cain Dingle Zak Dingle
Sam Dingle
Lisa Dingle
Debbie Dingle
Registry Office Charity is unable to go through with the wedding. Episode 5553 (11th March 2010) Episode 5554 (11th March 2010)
14 Chas Dingle Carl King Jimmy King Gennie Walker
Eve Jenson
Katie Sugden
St. Mary's Church Chas found out that Carl had been unfaithful. Episode 5799/5800 (25th December 2010)
15 Priya Sharma Rakesh Kotecha None None Home Farm Priya and Rakesh realised they didn't want to marry each other. Episode 6992/6993 (7th October 2014)
16 Carly Hope Sunil Malla Unknown Unknown Unknown After a talk from her dad, Carly realised that she was only marrying Sunil for his money. Episode 7127 (11th March 2015)
17 Leyla Harding Pete Barton Ross Barton Priya Kotecha Unknown hotel Pete and Leyla both realise they didn't want to get married. Episode 7911 (17th August 2017) and Episode 7912 (17th August 2017)
18 Chas Dingle Paddy Kirk Marlon Dingle Chas called the wedding off after feeling down about her baby. Episode 8198/8199 (10th July 2018)
19 Debbie Dingle Joe Tate Sarah Sugden Jr. Hotten General Hospital chapel Joe failed to turn up for the wedding as he ran away after discovering he was wanted dead by Kim Tate. Episode 8280/8281 (9th October 2018)
20 Charity Dingle
Vanessa Woodfield
N/A None None Registrar Office Charity called Vanessa, having to cancel after finding her son Ryan locked in a shed by Graham Foster. Episode 8711 (22nd January 2020)
21 Mandy Dingle Paul Ashdale Vinny Dingle None The Woolpack Paul died in a barn explosion. Episode 9010/9011 (1st April 2021)

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