Tristan FosterTristan de Vere ColeTroubadour
Trudie GoodwinTubby DingleTufty Beamish
Tufty BillinghamTug GhyllTugs (Episode 7730/7731)
Twitcher (1988 character)Two-handerTy Glaser
Tyler (Episode 7692)Tyne Tees TelevisionTyrone Huggins
Uncle Harry (Episode 1932)Uncle Heather DingleUndercover Officer (Max Dowler)
Undertaker (Episode 1640)Unhappy Birthday (26th August 2008)United Kingdom
United States of AmericaUniversity of EdinburghUnknown Baby (Plane crash victim)
Uredale CollegeUrsula CammUrsula Holden-Gill
Usher (David Smith)Usher (Episode 2474)Usher (Maxine Burth)
Val's funeral DVDVal ElliottVal Pollard
Val Pollard - List of appearancesVal TaggerValentine
Valentine PalmerValerie GeorgesonValerie Shute
Vanessa EarlVanessa HehirVanessa Rosenthal
Vanessa WoodfieldVanessa Woodfield - List of appearancesVera-Lynn Dingle
Verity RushworthVerney's OakVerney family
Vet (Episode 437/438)Vic WindsorVic Windsor - List of appearances
Vicar (Episode 2205)Vicar (Episode 5414/5415)Vicar (Episode 7807)
Vicar (Episode 7990)Vicar (Phil Yarrow)Vicarage
Vicki MichelleVicky BinnsVicky Mills
Vicky ThomasVictor WindingVictoria Brazier
Victoria ConnettVictoria ConnollyVictoria Cottage
Victoria HawkinsVictoria MayVictoria Smith
Victoria SugdenVictoria Sugden - List of appearancesVienna
Viewing FiguresVikesh DasariVikky Evans-Hubbard
Viktoria KayVillage Elder 1 (Episode 3)Village Elder 2 (Episode 3)
Village Elder 3 (Episode 3)Villassa Cherry RippleVincent Brimble
Vincent DaviesVincent SpodeVinny
Vinny - List of appearancesVinny DingleViolet Patton-Ryder
Violet VerneyVirginia LattimoreVirginia Moore
Virginia WestVirginia West - List of appearancesVito Rocco
Viv HopeViv Hope - List of appearancesVivian Denyer
Vivienne CozensVonda LockhartWPC (Episode 1832)
Waiter (Episode 725/726)Waiter (Episode 847)Waiter (The Dingles Down Under character)
WalesWallaceWally Eagleton
Wally LummWally SimonsWalter (Woolpack customer)
Walter - List of appearancesWalter DinsdaleWalter Sparrow
Wanda MooreWanda VenthamWarren Shuttleworth
Water Board Official (Episode 883/884)Waterhouse InternationalWayne (2017 character)
Wayne (Episode 6582/6584)Wayne DobsonWayne Perrey
Weir HallWenda BrownWendy Allnutt
Wendy BloomWendy CraigWendy Dingle
Wendy HotsonWendy PadburyWendy Patterson
Wendy PosnerWendy Posner - List of appearancesWestcountry Television
Westward TelevisionWhat Price Love (3rd June 2008)Whingles Ale
WhitbyWhite familyWhiteley's Farm
Who Attacked Cain?Who Killed Emma Barton?Who Killed Graham Foster?
Who Killed Harry Mowlam?Who Killed Tom King?Who Shot Robert Sugden?
Widdup LaneWil JohnsonWilf Bowker
Wilf ButlerWilf HenshawWilf Padgett
Wilfred BrownWilfred FarrarWilfred Grove
Will BrentonWill CairnsWill Cairns - List of appearances
Will CoulterWill CroftWill Huntington
Will HuttonWill McDonaghWill Openshaw
Will ScottWill TaceyWill Taylor
Will Taylor - List of appearancesWill ThorntonWill Wylde
Will Wylde - List of appearancesWilliam (horse)William Bates
William CorlettWilliam EllisWilliam Hockley
William Hockley - List of appearancesWilliam HoylandWilliam Humble
William IlkleyWilliam MakepeaceWilliam Moore
William OldroydWilliam PettyWilliam Simons
William SlaterWilliam SnapeWilliam Turner
Willie GloverWillie ThorpeWillow Bell
Willy CuthbertsonWilson (1987 character)Windsor family
Winn GrovesWinner Takes It All (8th July 2008)Winnie Purvis
Winthrop (Blake Butler)Wishing Well CottageWoman (1997 character)
Woman (Episode 7267/7268)Woman (Episode 7326/7327)Woman (Episode 7690)
Woman (Episode 7699)Woman (Episode 7934)Woman (Episode 8155/8156)
Woman (Episode 8225)Woman (Episode 8230)Woodbine Cottage
Woolpack Customer (1973-1976)World War IWylde's Home Farm Fayre van
Wylde/Lamb familyWylies FarmYates (1973 character)
Yemisi OyinloyeYolanda HowieYork
York InfirmaryYorkshire TelevisionYou've Been Framed (15th July 2008)
Young Man (Episode 7699)Youth (Episode 7265)Yvonne Harding
Zak DingleZak Dingle - List of appearancesZakariya Ali
Zebediah DingleZibba MaysZoe Henry
Zoe LambertZoe TateZoe Tate - List of appearances
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