Lucy Calder is Maggie Calder’s daughter. She was upset by the break up of her parents marriage. She decided to move to the village with her mother.

In November , Lucy was annoyed about sharing a room with Jess. They started getting on, although Lucy supported her mother when Jess tried to break up Maggie and Phil. Lucy also supported her mother when Nicola Blackstock made out that she and Phil were having an affair.

As the months went on, Lucy and Katie Addyman became good friends. When Jess left the village with her mother Lucy was a little upset as they had become good friends. In May and June 2002, Katie confided in Lucy about her and Andy Sugden’s plans to get pregnant. Later, Katie revealed that she was pregnant, and Lucy tried to be as supportive as possible.

After Maggie had a fling with Rodney Blackstock, and Phil left, Lucy and Craig left for Scotland with their mother.

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