Luke Dingle is the eldest son of Lilith Dingle and the half-brother of Matthew, Mark and Jon Dingle.

Luke first visited Emmerdale in October 2004 for a Dingle family celebration to mark their 10th anniversary of living in the village. His mother Lilith then left Luke and his siblings to live with her cousin Marlon Dingle for a month.

Luke returned in 2006 when Lilith left her children with Marlon and his wife Donna while she went away to work. Days later Lilith was arrested for armed robbery. On his first day at Hotten Comprehensive School, Luke got into a fight with Victoria Sugden after she made a remark about his mother being in custody.

Marlon told Social Services that he was having difficulties looking after them, so it agreed that they will go and stay with a foster family. They were soon informed that the children had gone missing, but they were later found in a nearby woodland. The following day they were taken into foster care. Marlon and Donna desperately tried to get the children back but first they had to find suitable accommodation. This finally happened when they bought Tall Trees Cottage, and the children moved in with them on 5th July. However, the case against their mother collapsed and on 13th July 2007 she took them all to Ireland with her, much to Donna and Marlon's distress.

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