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Luke Posner is the son of Wendy Posner and the brother of Victoria Barton's rapist Lee Posner.


2019-: Arrival in Emmerdale

Luke first met Victoria at Hotten General Hospital where he works as a cafeteria worker. Luke took Victoria out a few times but she was shocked to discover he was Lee's brother after his death in October 2019. She believes Wendy has engineered their whole developing friendship, however, Luke tries apologising to Victoria and make her believe he was truly oblivious to who she was. When Victoria asks him why he came she's more than surprised when he tells her that he believes everything about the accusation she made against Lee and assures her that he is a very different man. Luke continued to be on Victoria's side and tried to convince his mother that she wasn't lying.

In December 2019, Wendy moved to Emmerdale to be closer to her unborn grandson. Luke tried to convince her it was a bad idea but stayed around to make sure his mother was safe and respected Victoria's wishes. In January 2020, Victoria gave birth to Luke's nephew Harry. Slowly, Victoria and Luke grew closer as he helped her look after Harry and in February, they decided to give their relationship a go. However, Victoria struggled to be intimate with Luke and after sleeping together she admitted she felt weird about it. Luke told her it was okay and they could go back to being how they were but Victoria said it was too early for her to have any type of relationship and broke it off.

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