Lydia Metcalfe (neé Halliwell) is David Metcalfe's late mother.

Lydia had a relationship with her father's employee Eric Pollard in the early 1980s. Eric ran away after stealing £20,000 from her and unknowingly left her pregnant. Lydia was disowned by her father after becoming a single mother so she went onto marry an abusive man. They had more children and raised them on a farm near Skipdale. After Lydia died of breast cancer in 2006 David tracked down Eric, as Lydia had told him the truth on her death bed. Eric denied David was his son and insisted Lydia was promiscuous so a number of men could have been his biological father. A DNA test showed David was Eric's son and they formed a father-son relationship, despite David's initial plan to steal the £20,000 back.

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