Lynn Whiteley is the wife of Pete Whiteley as well as the mother of Peter Whiteley.


Lynn and Pete first met when she was 15. During her time in the village, she built up a reputation for having a bitchy attitude and struggled to befriend most villagers. Lynn moved in with her grandfather-in-law, Bill in January 1989 at his new farm. Her husband, Pete then had an affair with teenager Rachel Hughes which was exposed at Dolly Skilbeck's New Year party. Lynn did not leave Pete as she discovered she was pregnant and believed that her child needed its father. After Pete was killed in a hit-and-run accident by Rachel's mother Kate Sugden, Lynn gave birth to their son Peter on the same day as Pete's funeral. Lynn continued to live at Whiteley's Farm with Peter and Bill and carried on after Bill died in July 1991. Lynn also slept with Rachel's boyfriend Michael Feldman in the hopes of splitting them up but she didn't succeed. She continued feuding with Rachel over her affair with Pete, culminating in Rachel pouring a drink over her in The Woolpack. She often caused trouble with the few people who classed her as a friend like Joe Sugden and Kathy Tate, she really didn't like others to be happy. In December 1993 Lynn went for a drink in The Woolpack and left Peter with a babysitter when the Plane Crash occurred. She suffered a minor head injury but was otherwise unscathed but returned home to discover Whiteley's Farm had been destroyed but Peter was safe as the babysitter had come outside with him when the crash occurred. In the aftermath of the crash Lynn continued to make herself unpopular with the other villagers. Lynn developed an attraction to Jack Sugden and was slapped by Jack's wife Sarah when she found out. She also had a brief relationship with Jack's brother Joe Sugden, Rachel's former stepfather, in order to get revenge for Rachel's affair with Pete. Lynn then slept with a news reporter and gave him information about the plane crash. After one final showdown with Rachel, Lynn left the village with a Swedish man called Sven Olsen in August 1994. None of the other villagers were unhappy to see her go and none missed her.

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"Oh, yes I have, the moment I decided to come with you. God, look at the state of them! I won't missed them for a minute, but they'll miss me, at least I put a bit of colour in their lives, gave them something to talk about. Come on, let's leave." (final line, to Sven Olsen)

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