Maggie Calder arrived in the village as an old friend of Rodney Blackstock. She moved to Emmerdale to run the holiday village with her boyfriend Phil Weston, her children Craig and Lucy and Phil's daughter Jess. She had recently been having an affair with Phil. Her marriage had broken up as a result.

Jess and Maggie did not get on, and immediately after their arrival started fighting. There was a minor car accident, in which Phil's car crashed into Maggie's. As time progressed Jess became friends with Rodney's daughter Nicola, who didn’t get on with Maggie either. Nicola didn’t like Maggie as she got passed over for promotion. She made out that Maggie and Phil were having an affair.

In the end, Maggie got very annoyed with Nicola, who was trying to show Rodney that she couldn’t run the holiday village. Maggie found out that Nicola had changed bookings around, so that some guests arrived earlier than expected. This was the last straw for Maggie, who pushed Nicola into the swimming pool.

In early April, Jess left the village with her mother Anne-Marie. Maggie and Phil's relationship was eased slightly without Jess. But soon Nicola's games started again. Maggie embarked on an affair with Rodney and he and Phil had a fight when the truth came out. Phil dumped Maggie and left the village. Shortly afterwards, Maggie left the village with Craig and Lucy and moved to Scotland.

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