Emmie 13 jun 1996
Mandy's Munchbox was a service run by Mandy Dingle from 1996 to 1997. It sold snacks and drinks. In true Dingle fashion, the business did not last very long.


In May 1996, Mandy Dingle set up Mandy's Munchbox. It sold burgers, sausage rolls, drinks and sweets etc. In June 1996, Mandy sold Porky Burgers. In November 1996, Mandy set up the Munchbox at Frank Tate's quarry site. The Munchbox was vandalised in March 1997. The Munchbox then closed. In February 1998, the former Munchbox caravan was used as a hen house.

In May 2017, 20 years after the Munchbox closed, Zak Dingle mentioned how he learned cooking with Mandy's Munchbox. The Munchbox was mentioned again by Mandy in September 2019.


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