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Marian Rosetti (née Wilks) is the daughter of Henry Wilks. She moved to Emmerdale with Henry in 1972. Marian embarked on a brief affair with Jack Sugden in the first few months of her arrival.


1954-1972: Life before Beckindale[]

Marian Wilks was born in 1954 to factory boss Henry Wilks and Margaret Wilks. Maggie died in 1971 when Marian was 17. Marian dated Peter Heskeith. Marian had a bad break-up with Peter. Peter had cheated on Marian with another girl who had ended up pregnant. Marian had convinced the pair to marry. In 1972, Henry decided to take early retirement and move away from Bradford, to the countryside. He chose Beckindale.

1972-1991: Life in Beckindale[]

In 1972, Marian Wilks moved to Beckindale with her widower father Henry. Marian and Wilks moved into Inglebrook House. Marian had her admirers who visited her in the village, including her friends Alec Saunders and Norman. Marian started a relationship with Jack Sugden. Marian's father Henry Wilks was disapproving of it. Marian soon left Beckindale in late 1972 to go on a cruise. In December 1974, Marian visited Beckindale for Christmas but heard that Jack had moved on from the village. She left in January 1975. Marian returned again in 1978. Henry considered going to Italy with her but decided to stay in Beckindale. While in Italy, Marian met Paolo Rosetti, who divorced his first wife in 1985, and had a daughter Francesca Rosetti. Paolo and Marian were married by early 1987. They had a son Nicolo Rosetti in early 1987.

In June 1987, Paolo, Marian, Francesca and Nicolo visited Beckindale and stayed in Henry's friend Harry Barrett's cottage while he was away. Paolo was rather a snob and was quite rude, calling country people "yokels". Paolo knew that Marian once dated Jack Sugden. Jack and Paolo quarrelled at a dinner. Paolo was injured when he accidentally shot himself when chasing off an intruder. Marian and the family then returned to Italy. Paolo was left wheelchair-bound and this made Marian depressed.

In July 1988, Marian visited Beckindale again with Nicolo.

1991: Family tragedies[]

1991 proved to be a testing year for Marian. She lost both Paolo and Henry in different circumstances. Paolo was murdered by an unknown gunman, while Henry died of a heart attack.

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Jack Sugden[]

Marian first encountered Jack whilst riding her horse around Emmerdale Farm land. She and Jack initially hit off on the wrong foot when Jack discovered that her father, Henry, who owned a company named Wilks & Fisher that specialised in acids had accidentally poisoned a river of fish. Suggesting that the incident was done purposefully, Jack accused Marian of living off immoral earnings.


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