DI Mark Malone was a bent police officer, former colleague of Harriet Finch and boss of the criminal gang Will Taylor worked for before going to prison.

Malone was sent to Emmerdale in March 2020, to investigate the shooting of Nate Robinson. His father Cain Dingle was the real gunman, but the shooting was an accident. Malone and PC Swirling informed Cain and his wife Moira Dingle that the gun had been traced back to a gang-related incident where three men were killed. They soon found connections to Will and when Malone paid him a visit it was revealed that the gun belonged to Malone and he now started blackmailing Will into working for him again. Cain found out and stood up to Malone which he didn't take kindly to and therefore threatened him and Holey Scrap worker Billy Fletcher into working for him as well. He forced Billy and Cain to get rid of a car for him but when they found the blood-covered 4x4, Cain decides to secretly keep it as leverage. Malone wanted to send the three of them on more jobs but Will decided to go alone, wanting to keep Billy and Cain out of it.

In April 2020, Billy tells Will about the car and he torches the car and dumps it in a field, infuriating Cain. Malone then gets Billy arrested on the suspicion of assault after he talks back to him. Malone makes it clear that he has the police force in his pocket and that unless Billy agrees to do what he says he can get him sent down for years on the made-up assault. Cain, Will and Billy are forced to agree to do one last job for him in order to keep Billy out of prison and protect their families.

In August 2020, Malone threatened Will's daughter, Dawn, attempting to convince her to take a fatal overdose. Harriet Finch interrupted and knocked out Malone with an ornament, to which Dawn and Harriet thought had killed him. However, Malone woke up and made his anger clear. He attempted to attack Dawn and Harriet but Dawn shot him three times with the gun he threatened her with, killing him.

Mark Malone was credited as "DI Malone" despite his first name being given in dialogue in Episode 8786 (6th May 2020).

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