Max Garrick is Billy Fletcher's biggest nemesis.

Max first appeared in the village in April 2019 when he asks Billy to work for him as a getaway driver during a robbery. Billy initially refuses but later agrees as he needs money. However, Billy's brother, Ellis Chapman, finds out and to stop Billy heading off to meet Max, Ellis sets off the fire alarm in the factory so he misses the robbery. The following day a threatening Max turns up at Tall Trees Cottage wanting what Billy cost him by pulling out of the warehouse robbery. When Billy doesn't give him what he wants Max punches him so Billy goes for him and they fight.

Max goes on to threaten Billy's family in order to pressure him to do another job for him. Max also appears at the club during the Big Night Out, threatening Ellis to scare Billy, and was believed to be the person who stabbed Ellis, although this was later revealed not to be the case. 

In June, Billy was forced to agree to participate in a job with Max, however, Max and his gang soon realise Billy has set them up and tipped off the police. He went to Billy's house in June, holding his family hostage, including his 10-year-old step-sister April, until he arrived. After a struggle between him and Billy, Max ended up shooting Billy's mother, Jessie Dingle who was taken to hospital where she luckily recovered.

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