The McAllisters in 1993.

The McAllister family appeared in Emmerdale between 1993 and 1995. They consisted of parents Bernard and Angharad and their teenage children, Luke and Jessica


Bernard, Angharad, Luke and Jessica McAllister moved to Beckindale from London in December 1993. Bernard was a GP and opened a practice in the village whilst Angharad was a teacher, and took a job at the same secondary school that Luke and Jessica attended. Just weeks after arriving, they were caught up in the plane crash and helped with the rescue efforts. 

The McAllister's lives were thrown into chaos during the summer of 1994, when Luke got into a fight with local troublemaker, Ben Dingle, resulting in Ben's death. Despite Luke's protests that the single punch he'd thrown would not have been enough to kill Ben, he was arrested, facing charges of manslaughter. Despite a post-mortem seeming to show that Luke's punch had killed Ben, the McAllister's refused to give up hope, and Bernard called on an old friend from medical school to conduct another post-mortem on Ben's body. This time, it was discovered that Ben had an undiagnosed heart condition that had caused his death and Luke was released from custody. Ben's family, however, refused to accept the outcome, theorising that the McAllister's had used bribery to achieve the desired outcome, sparking off a feud between the two families. 

Just as things seemed to be settling down for the family, they were caught up in another drama when Kathy Tate developed an infatuation towards Bernard. Although Bernard had merely offered Kathy a friendly ear during her marriage break-up, Kathy completely misread the situation, leading to embarrassment for Bernard and Angharard when the rest of the village assumed that Kathy and Bernard had been having an affair. Bernard was able to convince his wife that nothing was going on and Kathy eventually apologised for her behaviour. 

The McAllister's feud with the Dingle family came back to haunt them in January 1995, when Angharad discovered that the new pupil her school had taken on was Ben's younger sister, Tina. Tina made life a misery for both Angharad and Luke at school and the headteacher's refusal to discipline Tina lead to Angharad slapping him round the face during parents evening. A combination of embarrassment and anger over the situation lead to Angharad handing in her notice. 

Thoroughly fed up, the McAllister's decided to leave the village and return to London. Somewhat ironically given their reluctance to move to the village in the first place, the decision was met with anger by Luke and Jessica, who both wanted to stay. Luke, now 18, was eventually able to convince his parents that upping sticks and moving to a different school months before his A-levels would be detrimental and it was agreed that he could stay on in the house. There was no such luck for Jessica, however, and she ran away from home to live with boyfriend, Biff Fowler, when she realised that her parents were intent on taking her with them. Jessica barely lasted the day with Biff and upon realising that life with Biff wasn't all it was cracked up to be, Jessica left the village with her parents. However, she would return to stay with Luke some weeks later.

Luke settled into life without his parents around, and surprised everyone by entering into a relationship with Tina. When Tina revealed that she was pregnant, it was decided that the pair should marry, and the date was set for 20th July 1995. However, at the alter, Tina announced that there was no baby, and the whole relationship had been an act of revenge for Ben's death. Badly damaged by what had happened, Luke decided to leave Emmerdale to return to his parents. Before he left, Luke planned revenge on Tina by bundling her into Dave Glover's van and taking her for a drive around the village. As Luke became more and more angry, his speed increased and Tina jumped from the van just before Luke lost control of it and crashed into a wall. The van exploded, killing him instantly.

As Bernard and Angharad did not want to return to the village that had brought them so much trouble, they asked that Luke's body be brought to London for burial there. Jessica briefly returned to the village in August 1995 to attend Luke's inquest. 

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