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Meena Jutla is the sister of Manpreet Sharma and ex-girlfriend of David Metcalfe and Billy Fletcher. She was a nurse who worked at the Abbott Lane Surgery, and she is also a serial killer who has murdered at least five people including her own father, her former best friend Nadine Butler and Emmerdale residents Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.


1991-2020: Past

Born 23rd March 1991, in Meena's early years she adored her much older sister Manpreet, however Manpreet was sometimes jealous of how easy her sister had it, as Manpreet had to work for everything while Meena got everything handed to her. Despite this Manpreet was still there for her when she needed her as when Manpreet was unconscious in hospital Meena recalled how she was there for her when she fell off of her bike and broke her arm and when she got drunk at her school prom however Meena became estranged from Manpreet after she slept with Manpreet's husband Dennis, however Meena argued that she did this so Manpreet would realise Dennis was a cheat.

At some point, Meena married a man called Jeremy. Jeremy later lost his job and the couple suffered to financially, to help with their money troubles Meena got a job at the local surgery, however Jeremy felt offended that his wife didn't trust him to financially recover and he divorced her.

Meena worked alongside a woman called Nadine Butler and Meena felt that they were friends. Meena did not trust Nadine's friends and one day when Nadine was supposed to be on a spa day with her best friends Meena gassed Nadine's car, killing her. Meena would later tell people that Nadine committed suicide.

2020-2021: Arrival in Emmerdale

Meena first appeared in September 2020 as a customer of Hide Bistro, where she flirted with Billy Fletcher, much to Billy's ex Dawn Taylor's displeasure. Meena signs up to Billy's personal training classes and after Dawn catches the pair kissing an argument ensures and Dawn hits Meena with a pepper shaker. Rishi Sharma witnesses this altercation and rushes over to help, he is followed by Manpreet Sharma who is shocked to see her sister in the village and Manpreet immediately tells Meena to leave. When Meena turns up at Holdgate Farm, Manpreet expresses shock at how Meena was able to find her, Manpreet is further disgusted by Meena when she reveals that she called the police on Dawn. When Tracy Metcalfe confronts Meena about not paying her bill for her stay at the B&B, she says that she has some issues getting the money, Rishi overhears and settles the bill for Meena, Tracy also warns Meena not to interfere with Dawn and Billy.

After this, Rishi invites Meena to come home with him, at home Rishi asks Meena why Manpreet cut her out of her life, before Meena can answer, Manpreet comes on the scene and reveals that Meena slept with her husband Dennis, Meena says that Manpreet's first husband was always cheating on her so she did this so Manpreet would realise his true colours, however the breakup started Manpreet's shopping addiction which got her into serious debt. Meena says that she hasn't always had it easy either, as when her ex-husband lost his job she started to work at the local surgery, however her ex-husband thought this meant Meena didn't have faith that he would get another job, so he left her. Meena confided in Rishi that she had no house, no husband and no job, she revealed that she quit her previous job as a nurse when a member of staff made numerous complaints about her for inappropriate behaviour, she told Rishi not to tell Manpreet.

When Rishi found out that the local surgery needed a nurse, he contacted Dr Liam Cavanagh to meet Meena at The Woolpack to see was she suitable for the position. Manpreet is shocked that her sister could be working alongside her and gets Rishi to reveal to her about why Meena left her previous job. Meena goes to the cafe to be interviewed by Liam and Manpreet, however, the interview ends prematurely as Manpreet makes snide comments to Meena throughout. When Manpreet returns home, she finds Meena trying to gather sympathy from Rishi, Manpreet tells Meena to stay away from her husband and home. While at David's Shop, Meena gets chatting to David Metcalfe who encourages her to be the bigger person and contact Manpreet to apologise, Manpreet comes down to the shop for a coffee with Meena, just as the sisters seem to be putting their differences aside, David interjects praising Meena for following his advice and be the bigger person, this causes Manpreet to storm out appalled that Meena has been trying to get the villagers to turn against her.

Meena attempts a public apology to Manpreet by standing on a table outside the Woolpack, getting Rishi to film her and gathering a crowd of Manpreet, Liam, Nicola King and Charity Dingle. During her apology Meena admits her affair with Dennis wasn't a one time thing, Manpreet doesn't believe that Meena's apology is sincere and berates her in front of the crowd. Liam tells Meena that she has secured the job in surgery if she wants it, she accepts. Rishi tells Manpreet that if Meena's video were to go viral it would paint her in a bad light, he also says that if Meena hadn't cheated with Dennis that the chain of events leading to Rishi and Manpreet's marriage never would have happened, Manpreet then agrees to let go of the past and forgives Meena and asks her to move in.

In October 2020 Meena receives a bouquet of flowers with a note attached that identifies the sender as Liam, however it was actually Gabby Thomas who sent the flowers with the intention of splitting Liam and Leyla Harding up. In the café Gabby and Meena get talking and Gabby paints Liam to be a womaniser and says that she over heard him say he really liked Meena. Later in the café Meena misinterprets Liam's chitchat for flirting and confronts him about sending her flowers, which he denies doing, however when Leyla walks in, she ends things with Liam. Liam approaches Meena in the village to assure her that he did not send the flowers, when she asked who does he think sent them, he reveals to her that Gabby isn't very supportive of he and Leyla's relationship as shortly before he got with Leyla he was with Gabby's mother so that he thinks Gabby sent the flowers. At the Hide Meena and Liam approach Leyla and convince her that Liam did not send Meena flowers.

In November 2020 Meena arranges to go on a date with David. However when Victoria Sugden applauds David for dating again after he and his sons ordeal with Maya Stepney , David thinks that it's not time to date again as he doesn't know who he can trust, so he cancels he and Meena's date by text. When Manpreet mentions that she saw Victoria go into David's , Meena is outraged as earlier David hid from her. Meena storms round and finds David and Victoria looking for one of Victoria's sons toys, Meena misinterprets the situation and thinks that Victoria and David are now together. Later at the café David explains to Meena that after Maya he finds it hard to trust new love interests, Meena forgives him.

In December 2020 Manpreet tells David how immature and selfish Meena is, therefore David dumps Meena. Meena tries to get revenge on Manpreet, as before Rishi goes out shopping for Christmas presents Meena messes with his sat nav, takes his medication out of the car and takes Manpreet's phone. When Rishi's car breaks down he is left alone for hours because his phone goes out of charge however Meena uses the situation to her advantage as when Manpreet is worried about Rishi's whereabouts Meena offers to drive around looking, Meena knows where he is due to her meddling with his sat nav so when she finds him she is portrayed as a hero. She encourages Manpreet to reward her by telling David that Manpreet didn't mean what she said about Meena, Manpreet does this and after a heart to heart Meena and David are back on track and Meena spends Christmas with David.

In March 2021 Meena becomes fixated on the notion that Manpreet is still in love with and should be with her ex, Charles Anderson, she tells Manpreet that if she doesn't follow her feelings she will regret it for the rest of her life.

2021-2022: Dark Path and Murderous Rampage

In April 2021 Meena sees a chance to get Manpreet closer to the Anderson family when Charles' son Ethan asks Manpreet to find his mother through medical records, Manpreet objects as if it was revealed she abused her position like that she would be fired however Meena gets the number herself from a friend who works at a big hospital. Ethans mother arranges to meet him at a pub, he brings along Manpreet for support, however she doesn't show and Manpreet and Ethan arrive to Rishi's birthday late. Manpreet later finds out that the person texting Ethan wasn't his mother and was Meena in attempt to get Manpreet closer to the Andersons, Meena pleads with Manpreet not to tell Charles, however Manpreet rushes off anyway and finds Charles but before she can tell him, he expresses his gratitude for getting the number to Ethans mother as it opened an opportunity for the father and son to talk about their past, but Ethan has decided he doesn't need his mother and deletes her number. Manpreet doesn't tell Charles that it was Meena texting Charles, however, she makes Meena get rid of the phone by throwing it in the river.

In June 2021 Meena still believed that Charles belonged with Manpreet and was enraged to hear that Charles was taking his relationship with his new girlfriend Andrea Tate to the next level by introducing him to her daughter and going on holiday together. Meena tried to slow down the couple's relationship by discussing with Andrea whether it was a good idea to introduce Millie to Charles yet, however Andrea proceeded to. Meena then took drastic action to stop the holiday by locking Millie and Andrea's dog Princess in their car, luring her into the car with a toy that Meena then put in her handbag. Later in the Woolpack Meena informed Charles that this was the second time a dog had came to harm because of Andrea, telling him about how Andrea ran over the Sharma family dog Tip and didn't tell anyone for weeks. Meena later puts Princesses toy into a tin of keepsakes, she takes out a newspaper clipping from the tin, the article is about a Nadine Butler who was found dead in her car in suspicious circumstances.

Later that month David's son Jacob returns to Emmerdale during his mother Leyla Harding's wedding to Liam. During the reception he proposes to Leanna Cavanagh who says no. As Jacob is in thousands of pounds worth of debt for the price of the ring, David offers to lend him the money to pay off the debt, to do this however David must cancel he and Meena's holiday to Lapland, starting Meena and Jacob off on the wrong foot. While up at The Hide Meena overhears Al Chapman telling Charles that the business has donated £100s to the Emmerdale Pride collection. Later that night Meena sneaks in and steals the collection tin. Fingers are pointed at Billy as he was the last member of staff up there that night and Jacob as had fought with Billy and unbeknownst to Meena had stole before.

The following month, ahead of her 18th birthday Leanna announced plans to go traveling. Manpreet offered Liam her old rucksack that she had lent to Meena. Meena realised this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Jacob who was holding up David letting her move into Farrers Barn, Meena even offered to pay for Jacobs flights however this raised Jacobs suspicions that Meena had stole the pride collection tin. Manpreet didn't tell Meena that she was giving Leanna the rucksack, and when Meena realised Leanna had it she rushed straight round to Tenant House to retrieve it from her. She was relieved to find that Leanna hadn't opened it yet however Leanna refused to give it to her and emptied its contents of the pride collection tin and her keepsake box. An argument ensures ending with Leanna going through the contents of the box (a lighter, a hair bobble, Princesses toy and the article about Nadine). Leanna reads the article aloud and questions Meena on who she thought was responsible for Nadine's death, leading to Meena accidentally confessing that she "didn't mean" for Nadine to die. When Meena threatens Leanna, Leanna runs and Meena is in pursuit after Leanna through the graveyard. Meena finds Leanna injured at the bridge, she confesses to Leanna that she did kill Nadine and then she throws Leanna over the bridge and takes the engagement ring of Leanna's corpse and wears it on a necklace.

A few weeks later Leanna's funeral takes place, Liam stipulates that only he and Leyla are to attend, however, Meena finds her way into the church. During the ceremony Leanna's ring falls off Meena's necklace and rolls over to beside Liam's shoe. When Liam bursts out the church, Meena asks Charles if she could she have a few moments with Leanna. Meena takes back the ring without raising suspicion. When Leyla urges Jacob to quickly go in to the empty church and say goodbye to Leanna despite being banned by Liam from attending, Meena decides to stir up trouble by finding Liam and telling him that Jacob is in the church. That same month David finally lets Meena move in.

In August 2021 David and Victoria start to take turns in minding each others kids as they were both rejected from Hotten Hatchlings this leads to Victoria and David spending more time together which riles Meena. Meena wants to ruin David and Victoria's relationship, so when Victoria is upstairs with her son Harry, Meena sneaks into Keepers Cottage and takes David's son Theo. As David, Victoria and Manpreet become distraught as they search the village for Theo, Meena carelessly walks in with Theo and berates Victoria for not keeping a close eye on him. Later, Meena gushes to Manpreet over her heroic act of saving Theo who was at the bridge beside the water, she spies David carrying a bunch of flowers, however, her mood sours as he announces they are for Victoria as an apology for how he spoke to her.

Meena was enraged when she spotted Victoria telling David that she loved him. Meena decides to scare Victoria by breaking in and stealing a crystal paperweight, a bra and family photos, she also throws and moves some items around. Meena fears being caught when Victoria arrives back home however she manages to escape when Victoria runs out and doesn't see who the burglar is. A worried Manpreet asks Meena to come to Ibiza with her as her daughter Aiesha has been in an accident out there and is in critical condition. At first Meena refuses as she want to stay to keep an eye on David and Victoria, Meena encourages David to come with her however he says he can't. Meena eventually agrees to go with Manpreet, but reveals to David that she has downloaded a tracker app on his phone to "be closer" to him.

Meena returned in October 2021 and was furious to discover that Victoria and David were as close as ever following his shooting ordeal. To halt David's recovery she swapped his painkillers for paracetamol, so he would be under her mercy for longer. Victoria started to become suspicious of Meena, when Meena told her to stay away from David as she was causing PTSD for him.

Later that month, Meena and David decided to participate in the new survival adventure at the HOP. While inside her tent Meena overheard David telling Victoria that he would leave Meena for her. When no one was looking Meena went and damaged Victoria's safety harness. The next day when the group was brought to the cliff where they would abseil, Manpreet and Victoria's harnesses got mixed up and Meena feared she may have caused her sister's death. However, her fear turned to delight when Manpreet got to the bottom of the cliff safely and it was now Victoria's turn, however, Victoria ended up not doing the abseil, aggravating Meena.

Later, the bridge which carried Victoria, Charles, David and Manpreet collapsed causing them all to fall into the river below. When Meena found Victoria's body she attempted to drown her until she was stopped by David. Victoria was able to be resuscitated, much to Meena's dismay. It was later revealed that Andrea saw her drowning Victoria; Meena taunted Andrea for a while resulting in the long chase which lead to Andrea's death. When asked by police if she had information that could help, she suggested that Kim Tate could have been involved due to her feud with Andrea.

In November 2021, upon learning that David and Victoria had went on holiday to Portugal together, in a fit of rage Meena breaks into Victoria's house and trashes the place. Victoria's housemate Amy Wyatt points the finger at Meena, before Billy comes along and defends her. Amy later apologises to Meena. Meena realises that Dawn is still interested in Billy, so she tries to make Dawn jealous of the new relationship and tells her to stay away from Billy. While Meena and Billy are on a date, Billy gets a phone call from Ben Tucker to say that he has found disturbing footage of attempted murder on the day of the survival adventure, when Meena realises the footage is her attempt of drowning Victoria, she tells Billy that she will go to the HOP to check on Ben. Ben soon realises the footage is of Meena and the pair have scuffle resulting with Meena slipping on spilt wine and Ben escaping with the footage to his car. Out of guilt Ben comes back in to find Meena, only to realise she and the incriminating footage is gone. Outside the HOP Meena sneaks up on Ben and beats him to death with a wooden oar, she then takes his bracelet along with all the camera footage.

In December 2021, Meena offers to relieve Wendy Posner of Princess the dog however she later loses her but Billy finds her. To Meena's delight Charles and Manpreet finally get together but Meena's mood soon sours when Manpreet informs Meena that she is going to tell Charles about Meena's texts pretending to be Ethans mother, however Meena beats Manpreet to it and lies to Charles that it was Manpreet who was texting Ethan, Charles, Ethan and Rishi lose all respect for Manpreet. The sisters relationship turns rocky including when Manpreet tossed some of Meena's belongings (containing some murder evidence) and is offended that Meena cared more about the trinkets than her own sister. A few weeks later Billy splits up with Meena and he gets back with Dawn, Meena tries to stop him by announcing she's pregnant but he leaves anyway. Meena decides she must get revenge on Dawn, when Lucas' father Alex Moore turns up in the village she confidentially tells him that Dawn is back on drugs and that Harriet Finch is an alcoholic. Meena steps up by ringing social services with concern about Lucas however she is interrupted by Manpreet whom has gave Meena an olive branch, Manpreet later catches Meena trying to access Woodbine Cottage, with drugs she plans to plant. The sisters' Christmas Day argument spills behind the Woolpack where Meena describes how dangerous she is and threatens Manpreet with a broken glass bottle, the sisters tussle is interrupted when the pub explodes.

Meena puts in a short stint at Hotten General Hospital and at her first chance discharges herself, claiming that she lost her baby in the explosion. She watches over Manpreet hoping she passes away, she makes efforts to aid Manpreet's death. When Manpreet wakes up Meena takes her home much to Manpreet's fear. Meena ties Manpreet up in Dale View and confesses her many crimes, terrifying Manpreet. Manpreet bargains for freedom by saying she will move to Ibiza and never contact Emmerdale again. Meena momentarily considers this offer but declines. Meena relocates Manpreet to an abandoned barn outside the village, and learns that Noah Dingle is in possession of the ring she stole from Leanna's corpse. Meena shakes Noah up and breaks into Wishing Well Cottage where she retrieves the ring back, while there she notices a board of theories made by Vinny Dingle that suggest she may be behind Ben's murder. Meena scares Vinny, Noah and Samson Dingle; Vinny then decides to follow Meena, she notices this and purposefully leads him to the barn where she is keeping Manpreet, she then takes him prisoner too. Liam becomes concerned about Meena and has a chat with her about her mental health, where she reveals that she lied about the pregnancy but blackmails Liam by telling him if he reveals her pregnancy lie that she will say he was sexually inappropriate towards her.

Meena decides the time is right to kill Manpreet and Vinny, she plots to lock them inside the barn along with the Dingle van, so that they die of carbon monoxide poisoning, she pauses the plan as when Billy whom has found out about the pregnancy lie calls her she decides he can die alongside Vinny and Manpreet. When Billy doesn't turn up Meena resumes her original plan, however Liam arrives outside the barn but Meena reassures him that everything is fine, but unbeknownst to Meena, Liam follows her in and upon discovering Vinny, Liam whacks Meena with a wooden post. Liam gets Manpreet and Vinny to safety and when they inform him Meena was behind Leanna's death, he heads back into the barn to confront her, however Meena has escaped into the forest, a chase ensures and Liam looses Meena. Meena safely escapes the police as she hitch hiked a ride with a lorry driver whom she introduced herself as "Manpreet".

2022: Final showdown and imprisonment

In February 2022, whilst on the run, Meena decided it was time to return to the village after seeing Billy and Dawn's wedding announcement on social media. Meena started messing with Dawn from the shadows, messing with her work computer getting her in trouble with her bosses and breaking into her house and trashing her wedding dress.

Then on Valentine's Day, Meena's plan unfolds. She enters Woodbine Cottage, knocks Harriet Finch out and locks Dawn's 7 year old son Lucas in the shed. Then she steals a limousine and kidnaps Dawn and Billy, and brings them to the viaduct. At the Viaduct she gives Billy a choice, he can either save himself and Dawn will face a bullet, or he can save Dawn and Meena will shoot him. In the meantime, wedding planner Leyla Cavanagh shows up looking for the couple and Meena shoots her, seemingly leaving her for dead. After a failed attempt from Billy to convince Meena he wants them to be together, Meena decides to kill dawn and threatens her with the gun, however, she is distracted by Leyla falling out of her car and Dawn gets the upper hand, almost beating her to death before Billy stops her and Meena reveals she has taken Lucas. Billy takes the gun and throws it off the viaduct and Meena agrees to tell Dawn where Lucas is if she ties up Billy which she complies with. Meena then manages to escape in the limousine and leaves the couple at the viaduct as she drives to the village to retrieve her trinket box from the allotment, but she is spotted by Liam who follows her with a pitchfork to the same bridge where Meena killed Leanna. Meena convinces Liam to drop it and go to save Leyla, however, when Meena starts to taunt him over Leanna's death, he pushes her over the bridge, with Manpreet present.

When Meena wakes up in hospital a few hours later, she is immediately interrogated by the police, whom she tells Liam purposefully through her over the bridge. The following day, Meena is taken into police custody where she is further interrogated and she stays firm on her stance that Liam pushed her. Over the next few days she is again questioned and when evidence connecting her to Ben's murder comes to the surface she admits to the killing of Ben but insists that it was self-defence as she caught him stealing and he attacked her. However, soon thereafter Leyla and Liam found Meena's trophy box, containing belongings from all her victims with both theirs and her DNA on it. Following that, on 22nd February Meena was finally charged with the murders of Leanna, Andrea and Ben, the attempted murders of Victoria and Leyla, the possession of an unregulated firearm, the kidnapping, false imprisonment and attempted murders of Menpreet and Vinny and the kidnapping and false imprisonment of Billy and Dawn as well as arresting her for assaulting Harriet.

Meena is kept in prison awaiting her plea hearing and is denied bail. She calls Charles and says that she would like to repent. Charles later comes and visits her although he is sceptical that she is serious about repenting and tells her that to truly repent she will have to admit her sins first. Meena agreed on the condition that Manpreet came to visit her. Manpreet comes for a visit and after a tumultuous visit, Meena agrees to plea guilty after Manpreet promises to keep contact if she does. However, soon thereafter she tells the police that Manpreet was the one who killed Andrea in order to get back with Charles. Manpreet is brought in for questioning but soon released. She visit Meena one last time to tell her she has no control over her anymore. On 7th March Meena pleads not guilty to the murders of Leanna, Andrea and Ben, and pleads guilty to all other charges, still attempting to play mind games with Manpreet and Liam who watched in horror.

In April, Meena's trial takes place, Meena and her defence barrister concocted a story, in which Meena killed Ben in self-defence, Manpreet killed Andrea and that Liam was blaming Meena for Leanna's death as she had turned him down. On the day when Meena's verdict was to take place, she held the courtroom hostage and took Manpreet threatening her with a glass shard. Meena tried to escape, dragging Manpreet with her, however when the door was locked a struggle pursued which left Manpreet handling the piece of glass, while Meena goading her to stab her, she revealed that she had killed their father years prior. Manpreet did not stab Meena, proving to Meena that she is different than her. Armed police officers found Meena and took her back to her cell. For each of her murders, she was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 25-year tariff, with the judge imposing a whole-life order meaning she'll never be eligible for parole.

Hobbies and Interests

While not an awful lot is known about Meena's hobbies and interests, some information has been revealed. She has an interest in shopping as the character has remarked that on her days off work she will go to the shops. Meena also has said she likes Ariana Grandes music and she also sang the songs I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne and Good As Hell by Lizzo. At some stage Meena borrowed her sister Manpreet's backpack therefore implying she has been travelling. A lifelong dream of Meena's is to go to Lapland, however this 'dream' will never be fulfilled due to her being locked away for the rest of her life.


Manpreet Sharma

The sisters always had a rocky relationship due to Manpreet's belief that Meena always got everything given to her while she had to work to get what she wanted. Manpreet has also stated that she always had Meena's back, even when she knew Meena was in the wrong. Their relationship became nonexistent when Manpreet found out Meena was sleeping with Dennis, Meena would claim she only did this to make Manpreet see Dennis was a cheat. When Meena arrived in Emmerdale she tried to reconcile with Manpreet and slowly they patched their relationship back up, however Manpreet still didn't completely trust Meena, warning Rishi and David of her behaviour.

For the first few months of 2021, Meena constantly meddles in Manpreet's life as she wants Manpreet to dump Rishi for Charles Anderson, she also wants Manpreet to become close with Ethan Anderson, Charles' son. However during the summer and autumn the sisters go through a good patch in their relationship.

In December 2021 the sisters are as polarised as ever as Meena lies and tells everyone it was Manpreet texting Ethan pretending to be his mother when it was really Meena. Their relationship takes an all time low when Meena holds Manpreet hostage in Dale View, here she confesses her previous murders and hopes Manpreet dies before she must murder her. Once Manpreet is free from captivity she fears that the villagers will associate her with Meena, as they may think that Manpreet knew what Meena was like when she didn't, Manpreet is ashamed of her sister.

David Metcalfe

Due to the nature of David's previous relationship he didn't trust Meena from the outset, which infuriated her, however he soon began to trust her. Meena often felt aggravated that she was David's second priority and that Theo and Jacob are his first, putting a strain on their relationship.

Meena always got jealous seeing David with other women, especially Victoria Sugden, as she hated the pair's strong friendship.

When in hospital, Meena found a card in which David expressed his love for Victoria, Meena became filled with rage and sent Victoria an angry voicemail about her taking away her beloved David.

Upon finding out that the new couple had went on holiday to Portugal, Meena broke in to Keepers Cottage and trashed the place.

When David returns to the village in January 2022, he is shocked at the revelations that Meena is a murderer and kept her sister captive. David is questioned by police on his knowledge of Meena and he is relieved that himself and Victoria were absent from Meena's reign of terror.

Billy Fletcher

On Meena's first day in the village she and Billy immediately click, however these feelings do not develop due to the presence of Billy's ex Dawn Taylor.

In the aftermath of her breakup with David Metcalfe, an angered Meena trashes Keepers Cottage, however when confronted by Amy Wyatt she denies it and an argument ensures with Billy coming to Meena's defence. After this incident Meena and Billy start to bond and later become a couple. Meena uses every opportunity possible to make Dawn jealous of her and Billy's relationship. When Billy dumps Meena for Dawn, Meena lies that she is pregnant in attempt to keep Billy, yet he leaves her anyway. After Meena is injured in The Woolpack explosion she claims she lost their baby.

Billy invites Meena to his New Year's Eve party, however it is later cancelled, but Meena has already arrived so he and Dawn decide to stay in with her but Meena later leaves in a huff.

In January 2022 Billy finds out Meena's pregnancy was a hoax, Billy is further shocked when it is revealed Meena is a murderer, Meena subsequently goes on the run. While away from the village, Meena finds out that Billy is to marry Dawn. Meena is still sour about the ruination of she and Billy's relationship, and arrives on the wedding day with murderous intentions.


Address Duration
London Prior to 2020
The Grange 25th September 2020 to 29th September 2020
Unknown B&B 29th September 2020 to 9th October 2020
Holdgate Farm 9th October 2020 to 14th July 2021
Farrers Barn 14th July 2021 to 25th October 2021
The Grange 25th October 2021 to 28th December 2021
Dale View 28th December 2021 to 6th January 2022
The Grange 6th January 2022 to 13th January 2022
Skipdale Women's Prison 22nd February 2022 to present


"Anyone serving?" - first line, to Amy Wyatt.

"Have you finished? Dreading up the trauma? Forcing me to go back there? I didn’t mean for her to die!" - to Leanna Cavanagh confessing that she murdered Nadine Butler who was supposedly her best friend.

"Ok, yes, I lied." - to Leanna Cavanagh before she pushes her to her death.

"I’ll give you a clue to the last one, another snooper who saw something she shouldn’t. So terribly sad, on her birthday too!" - to Andrea Tate, confessing that she murdered Leanna.

"My favourite part is delivering the fatal blow, come on! good girl… come on!" - to Andrea Tate before she slams her head on a wooden stage, killing her.

”Ben, you're making this all about you and it's not cute...Now look what you made me do.” - to Ben Tucker before she knocks him dead with a rowing oar as the screen cuts to blackout.

"I CAN kill you..." - to Manpreet Sharma reassuring her that she can murder her own sister.

"7 days. Let's make the most of them eh? I know I intend to." to Manpreet Sharma telling her she will die in a week.

"You can call me Manpreet." - to Tommy who unknowingly helps her escape.

"Till death do us part." - to Dawn Fletcher.

"THIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS!" - to Manpreet Sharma after being dragged away.

"Please don't ignore me" - last line

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