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Margaret "Meg" Armstrong was the wife of Seth Armstrong.

Meg was born in Beckindale. She married Seth Armstrong in 1952. In 1953 when she was heavily pregnant with Jimmy she fell over at a jitterbug contest. Jimmy was born in 1953 and they had another child Freddie in 1962.

Originally, Meg was portrayed as somewhat downtrodden but when she returned in 1986, she was altered so that she was an outgoing, highly religious woman who, although having the best of intentions, was somewhat difficult to live with and was nicknamed "poppet" by Seth. She annoyed Mr Wilks by breaking his best pipe. Meg soon gave in her notice at The Woolpack.

Meg died offscreen on 2nd February 1993. Seth's friends attended her funeral, although her 2 sons Jimmy and Fred never attended her funeral.

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