Mel Openshaw was a surveyor for The Woolpack when a crack was discovered above the fireplace in January 1976. Mel informed the owners that it was an earth fault, and when Sam Pearson tells Henry Wilks the story of a man whose house behind The Woolpack fell down overnight, Henry forces Amos Brearly to agree to a relocation. Mel worked on the new Woolpack building as it was slightly derelict. Mel organised a building firm from Bradford to convert the old premises into the new pub once Amos and Henry paid a deposit.

In February 1976, Mel arrived at Emmerdale Farm and was shocked to find Martin Gimbel holding Rosemary Kendall prisoner in the house, and rescued Rosemary from Martin. In May 1976, Mel visited Amos at The Woolpack to discuss the sale of the old pub and to discuss which upstairs room in the new pub should be turned into a toilet. Amos decided to accept the offer to sell the old Woolpack, and Henry decided to have the new toilet in the airing cupboard.

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