Mia Macey is the daughter of Ella Hart. She was originally thought to be the daughter of Declan Macey, until it was revealed that Jai Sharma was her father. 


Mia follows her mother Ella to Emmerdale in November 2010. Declan is unaware she is coming and Mia walks in on him kissing Alicia Gallagher. Mia sings a duet with Adam Barton at the pub, making his girlfriend, Scarlett Nicholls, jealous. Scarlett is further angered when she catches Mia kissing Adam. Scarlett slaps Mia and the two girls fight. Mia then steps in as her father's PA after Nicola King takes time off. Declan's gamekeeper, Sam Dingle, reports a wall has been knocked down and Mia suggests Adam should help fix it, angering Adam's father John Barton. Later, Adam embarks on an affair with Mia's mother, Ella. Mia is livid when the affair is exposed and knees Adam in the crotch in fury.

After Mia is unwilling to forgive her mother Ella decides to leave the village in August 2011 but not before she reveals to Declan that Jai Sharma is actually Mia's biological father. Declan struggles to be around Mia following the announcement. He decides to send her away with his father and Mia departs the village with Dermot and goes to Ireland with him. Three months later, Declan allows Mia to visit Home Farm. Shortly before her arrival, Declan is informed by the police Mia has been killed in a car accident. Her funeral takes place off-screen and she was cremated. Her ashes are later scattered by Declan.

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