Michael Glynn served as a producer of Emmerdale Farm from 3rd January 1977 until 10th January 1980, preceded by Robert D. Cardona and succeeded by Anne W. Gibbons. After his reign as producer, Michael served as executive producer from 15th January 1980 until 28th August 1986, preceded by Anne W. Gibbons and succeeded by Keith Richardson.

During his reign, Michael oversaw the introductions of Dolly Acaster, Maurice and Judy Westrop, and Donald Hinton as well as the departures of Kathy Davis and Seth Armstrong, and the return of Marian Wilks.

Major storylines include Swedish tourists Olaf and Asta Gunnarson getting trapped in a pothole, Jim Gimbel's suicide leading to Kathy Davis's departure, Sarah Oswell giving birth in Emmerdale Farm during a storm, a barn fire at Emmerdale Farm and another one at a different barn shortly after, Dolly's ex-fiance Richard Roper's arrival and the revelation she put her son up for adoption, a mine explosion injuring Rod Blake, Ian Hepton and Clive Hinton, Steve Hawker and Pip Coulter holding Amos Brearly and Henry Wilks hostage in The Woolpack and later Sam Pearson in Emmerdale Farm, Sam Pearson discovering his great-great-grandmother's skull, Matt Skilbeck and Dolly Acaster's wedding, Poor Ocker and Smarty Garret burning down Kimber Barn (resulting in a prison sentence for Smarty) before running over and killing Wendy Hotson's rapist, Phil Thatcher getting shot during a scuffle with Joe Sugden and Dolly Skilbeck discovering she is pregnant.

In addition to Emmerdale, Michael has also produced The Venturers and Stay With Me Till Morning.

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