Michael Russell was the series producer of Emmerdale Farm from 2nd September 1986 until 24th March 1988, preceded by Richard Handford and succeeded by Stuart Doughty.

During his reign, Michael oversaw the introductions of Eric Pollard and Ruth Pennington, as well as the departure of Janie Harker. He also oversaw the returns of Tom Merrick (who departed shortly after his return twice) and Marian Wilks (who also departed the month following her return).

Major storylines included Pat Sugden's funeral, Phil Pearce's affair with Sandie Merrick, Dolly Skilbeck reconciling with her long lost son Graham Lodsworth, Jackie Merrick's fall down a mineshaft, Eric Pollard's feud with Phil Pearce and Sandie Merrick, the Pencross Fell protest, Paolo Rosetti accidentally shooting himself and being discovered by his daughter, Mr Metcalfe's death and leaving Crossgill Farm to Matt Skilbeck, Jackie Merrick and Kathy Bates's wedding and Joe Sugden and Alan Turner purchasing Home Farm.

As well as serving as a producer, Michael also served as a script editor and a writer, writing 113 episodes between 1979 and 1988.

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