Michael "Mick" Dingle is the middle child out of the Dingle brothers. Mick's mother died in 1914 and Mick and Nat promised to look after Levi. Mick enlisted for the war after his girlfriend branded him a coward, but was horrified to learn Levi Dingle had also enlisted too. In 1914, Rose Haywood caught Mick stealing apples from the Miffield Hall orchard and Rose told her off, however the two connected and began meeting up secretly, as Rose's father Charles would never condone their relationship.

Nat and Mick went drastic measures to ensure Levi couldn't fight in the war. Mick distracted Levi whilst Nat shot him in the leg. Levi was furious, especially when he was left with a permanent limp. Mick forced Levi to lie so Nat wouldn't get in trouble, which he did. Mick made a move on Rose, reciprocated by her and the pair made out before getting undressed, unaware Levi had caught them. Mick had gotten Levi to agree to act as a go-between for him and Rose, unaware that Levi began destroying some of the letters to get revenge on Mick. Mick was also unaware that Ava Bainbridge had managed to obtain one of the letters, so Levi killed her by burning down The Woolpack in November 1915.

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