Mickey Hall was a well-known thug who appeared in the village between September and October 2010.

After being given a lift in one of Terry Woods' cars he accidentally leaves a dog collar and returns to collect it. Aaron Livesy sells him a clocked car, but Mickey discovers this and confronts Aaron but Aaron refuses to refund him so he leaves. When no one is around, Mickey vandalises the garage and taxi office. After repeated attempts by Mickey to get his money back, Aaron goes with his dog Clyde to Mickey's house and threatens him. Later, Mickey comes back to the village and sets his dog on Clyde. Clyde has to be put down after his injuries, leaving Aaron devastated and wanting revenge. It is revealed later that Aaron's boyfriend Jackson Walsh has paid Mickey the money for the car in order to settle the feud between them. Mickey is last seen on a night out in Hotten when Aaron spots him in the street and starts stalking him, intending to assault him but Jackson stops him.

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