An unnamed Midwife was on duty at Hotten General Hospital when pregnant Rachel Breckle was admitted. The midwife checked Rachel over and a Consultant informed her she was in premature labour. The midwife gave Rachel a steroid injection and shortly afterward delivered Rachel's baby boy. Rachel's son wasn't crying when he was born so the midwife checked him over and rushed him straight to the NICU. She assures Rachel that her son was alive and ordered Rachel to relax.

Later in April 2014, the midwife looked after on pregnant Priya Sharma after Priya didn't feel her baby move for a few days, and began bleeding. The midwife was able to find a heartbeat but Priya's baby's father David Metcalfe revealed to the midwife that Priya had not been eating and was starving herself and their baby. The midwife offered to arrange someone for Priya to talk to but Priya was in denial about her condition. After leaving the hospital room, David asked the midwife if there was anything she could to do like force Priya to stay in hospital but the midwife informed him they are unable to force Priya to do anything but suggested getting her to her GP urgently.

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