Miles Fanshaw was a wealthy client of Take A Vow who sought the services of wedding planner Megan Macey to plan a proposal, engagement party and wedding at Home Farm. Charity Dingle, who was struggling to come up with an idea of how to propose to her girlfriend, Vanessa Woodfield, overheard Megan on the phone to Miles. Megan explained to Charity that Miles was demanding she sourced peacocks wearing butlers caps for his extravagant proposal. Charity headed up to Home Farm and pretended to be Megan's boss then locked Miles in a cupboard and hijacked his proposal. Miles managed to free himself from the cupboard and ran down the driveway of Home Farm as Charity was proposing to Vanessa in the horse and carriage he was going to use in his proposal. Miles was furious that Charity hijacked his proposal and threatened to call the police and sue her. Things went from bad to worse for Miles when his girlfriend Christabelle told him she didn't want to marry him then left.

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