More Than Man Enough For Me is an erotic novel, written by Tracy Metcalfe. It is also her first novel. Her inspiration was her husband, David.

Tracy first got into books after she realised people saw her as a joke. After a few unsuccessful weeks of a book club where Tracy failed to read anything, the group's attention turned to a more 'romantic' genre of books. Tracy branched into the other side of the book industry - writing. She recruited Pearl Ladderbanks to write the more factual stuff whilst Tracy herself wrote the smut.

Weeks went by and, not wanting to see his wife disappointed, David and various villagers set up fake accounts online, lying by sending out comments of encouragement. Unknowingly, Tracy was spurred on by the comments to continue writing, sack Pearl and write a novella, Pandora's Box. Tracy eventually found out about David's fake accounts but started writing her own fake comments too. Her books were sent to various bookstores and businesses, including the cafe and the shop. Due to this, Tracy entered Leeds Literary Festival and had an article in the paper.

Tracy had a book launch on 4th May 2017 but was disappointed as most people there seemed more interested in David then her writing.

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