Morris Blakey is an old council crony of Eric Pollard. In November 2017, Morris invited Eric for game of golf, where he broke the news to Eric that his house was going to be destroyed for an access road for a newly planned golf club. However, Morris could make the problem go away - for £10,000. Eric initially refused to pay up, but after watching a tape of his late-wife Val, he reconsidered. The following day, Eric handed Morris an envelope of cash. Eric was glad his house was going to be safe but upon learning this would now mean Wishing Well Cottage would now make way for the road, Eric ordered Morris to revert to the original plan as allowing the Dingles home to be destroyed would be the end of his new relationship with Faith Dingle. After a clash with Faith, Eric called Morris back and told him to go ahead with the plan to demolish Wishing Well Cottage. Demolition begun but Graham Foster stopped it. In the end, the access road plans were abandoned.

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