Mowlam's Farm was a 307 acre farm owned by quarry owner and farmer Harry Mowlam. He lived in a caravan on the site, but began selling off the land in 1985, purchasing a house on Vicarage Lane. Harry was a local villain who was involved in a robbery in October 1985, of which he hid the proceeds in an isolated pig shelter on his land. Mowlam was murdered in January 1986 by his partner in crime Derek Warner. Mowlam's land was later put up for auction and was bought by Emmerdale Farm in March 1986. After Derek was arrested for Mowlam's murder, the police found the robbery proceeds in the pig shelter. The Sugden family bought the land, and hired a JCB to demolish the pig shelter, and to dig up some of the land to improve it. The land was near to Emmerdale Farm so Jack had the water drained from it.

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