Mr Jefford was the cardiologist who checked over Sarah Sugden when she was admitted to Hotten General Hospital after collapsing from heart failure in June 2018. After checking over Sarah, Mr Jefford told her mother Debbie Dingle that Sarah was stable enough to be discharged. They had put her on a list for a non-urgent heart transplant, and Mr Jefford assured Debbie that Sarah's fanconi anemia won't affect her chances of getting a transplant.

Sarah collapsed and was rushed to hospital in July 2018, where the family were informed that Sarah had contracted a virus which prevented her from having a transplant. However, Sarah managed to get better and was placed back on the transplant list. A worried Sarah asked Mr Jefford if she could die during the transplant, with Mr Jefford confessing that if there are complications, she might not make it.

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