Mulberry Cottage is currently the home of Laurel Thomas, her children Arthur and Dotty and her stepdaughter, Gabby Thomas.

The Wylde family bought the house in 2009 along with St. Mary's Church but it was eventually sold on to Declan Macey when he bought the entire Wylde's estate.

In October 2013, Debbie put in an offer to buy the house from bankrupt Declan so that she could leave behind the bad memories at her old house Tug Ghyll. Declan initially refused the offer but had to accept eventually. Debbie's mother Charity and her half-brother Noah moved in when Charity's marriage broke down and Declan also moved in briefly after he and Charity got married. Charity, Declan and Noah all later moved out and into the newly refurbished Home Farm. In 2014, Debbie's boyfriend Pete Barton moved in with Debbie and her kids.

In January 2016, Debbie left the village with her kids. 2 weeks later, after running away from hospital, Aaron Livesy hides in the house before his ex-lover Robert Sugden found him. Aaron confessed to Robert that his father Gordon Livesy repeatedly raped him when he was a child. Robert stays with Aaron for a night before Aaron went back to the hospital the next day.

Later that month, Debbie's father Cain Dingle rented the property to the Thomases.

Laurel gave birth to baby Dotty at the cottage in September 2016. In October 2016, Debbie sold the property to Chrissie White after deciding to stay in France.

Ashley Thomas died of dementia and pneumonia at the cottage in April 2017. The following year in February 2018, Ashley's father Sandy, left the village and moved to Australia.

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  • Mulberry was the home of Hotten Police Station in the 1980s, and was the residence of the local officer from 1976 until 1993.
  • Baby Daniel Thomas died in the house of cot death in 21st February 2008.
  • Ashley Thomas died in the house on 7th April 2017 due to pneumonia and dementia.
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