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Mulberry Cottage is the home of Laurel Thomas, her children Arthur and Dotty, her step-son Archie Breckle, as well as her former step-daughter Gabby Thomas and Gabby's son Thomas Tate.


Mulberry Cottage is the oldest surviving building in Emmerdale, having been built in 1656. It was later used as the Beckindale Police Station, and was the residence of the local officer from 1976 until 1993.

In August 2005, Simon Meredith bought the house and moved in with his fiancée, Nicola Blackstock. They were soon joined by Simon's mother Lesley and lodger Ivan Jones, but by May 2006, Simon was the only person still living in the property so he invited the Thomas family to move in after the Vicarage fire left them homeless. In August 2006, Simon left Emmerdale for a new life in Costa Rica after selling Mulberry Cottage to the church.

In 2009, the Wylde family bought the house along with St Mary's Church. Although it was eventually sold on to Declan Macey when he bought the entire Wylde's estate.

In October 2013, Debbie Dingle offered to buy the house from Declan as he was bankrupt so she could leave behind the bad memories at her old house Tug Ghyll. Initially, Declan refused to sell Debbie the house, but eventually agreed as he needed the money. Debbie's mother Charity and her half-brother Noah moved in to the house when Charity's marriage broke down. Later, Declan also moved back in when he and Charity entered a relationship. Later on, Charity, Noah and Declan moved out as they went to live in the newly refurbished Home Farm.

In 2014, Debbie's boyfriend Pete Barton moved in with Debbie and her kids, Jack and Sarah.

In January 2016, Debbie left Emmerdale with her kids. Two weeks later, after running from hospital, Aaron Livesy hid in the house before his ex-lover Robert Sugden found him. Aaron told Robert that his father, Gordon Livesy raped him as a child. They stays in the empty house for one night.

Later that month, Debbie's father Cain Dingle rented the property to the Thomas family. Laurel Thomas gave birth to baby Dotty at the cottage in September 2016. In October 2016, Debbie sold the property to Chrissie White, making it a part of Home Farm Estate, after deciding to stay in France but the Thomas family continued to live there.

In April 2017, Ashley Thomas passed away in the house due to pneumonia. The following year in February 2018, Ashley's father Sandy, left the village and moved to Australia.

In February 2020, as the Thomas family was a way for Sandy's funeral in Australia, Pierce Harris held Vanessa Woodfield and her 4-year-old son Johnny captive in the cottage. After two weeks of captivity, they were finally saved by Rhona Goskirk with the help from Kim Tate (who was captured on that night when Pierce was arrested after Pierce knock her out) and Pierce was taken in by police.

Jimmy and Nicola King stayed at Mulberry Cottage for short time along with their kids when Laurel stayed with Jai and Rodney used their house during the lockdown.

In February 2021, Laurel's boyfriend Jai Sharma and his son Archie Breckle moved into the house.

In February 2022, Kim announces that she is selling the property and gives Laurel the first chance to buy it. However Laurel cannot afford a loan as Jai had took out large loans in her name. Laurel broke up with Jai so he and Archie moved out and Laurel started mentally prepare to lose their home as well. However, in March Laurel's step-daughter Gabby Thomas decided to buy the house from Kim in order to assure Laurel and her kids could stay. She put a down payment on the house and Laurel took out a mortgage on the rest.

In March 2023, Laurel decides to let Marshall Hamston move in, after finding bruises on his arm from his dad.

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