Nana Barton is the mother of James and John Barton, grandmother of Pete, Ross, Holly, Adam, Finn, and Matty Barton and great-grandmother of Moses Dingle.

Nana Barton did not take to either of daughters-in-law; Emma and Moira. In September 2013 Moira contacted Nana Barton to ask for a loan to keep the family farm going. However, she declined Moira's request due to her relationship with Cain Dingle, whom she had an affair with whilst John was alive.

In September 2015, Nana Barton suffered two strokes, so James went to look after her. Finn visited Nana Barton in August 2017. By October that year, Nana Barton had outlived both of her sons, two of her grandchildren; Holly & Finn and her daughter in law; Emma, although she didn't attend any of their funerals.

Moira went to visit Nana Barton in January 2019. The following month, she had a fall and broke one of her hips so Moira visited again and returned in March. She visited her again briefly in August

Moira again went to visit her in January 2020 and returned the following month. 

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