Natalie was the woman who met with Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle in 2019, to discuss being their surrogate. 

In April, Aaron contacted Natalie to invite her over so the couple could get to know her. As Robert is about to head to Liverpool to collect his son Seb, Natalie arrives at the pub, asking for directions to Mill Cottage and meets Aaron's grandmother, Faith Dingle, who realises who she is and informs Aaron she's there. Aaron orders his gran to stall her as Robert still isn't back yet. While waiting for Aaron and Robert to arrive Faith and Bear Wolf, spin a tale of Aaron owning a chain of garages whilst Robert's family owns half of Yorkshire and runs a multi-national haulage company. When Aaron and Robert finally arrive in the pub to meet Natalie, Faith admits she and Bear may have exaggerated things a bit and Aaron apologises. 

The following week, Natalie arrives at Robert and Aaron's place to meet them and Aaron's sister Liv Flaherty. As the meeting goes on Natalie asks the couple if they've been in any bother with the police and is shocked to learn Aaron has been in prison three times, including once for GBH. Natalie asks if there's anything else. Robert assures her there's nothing, but not convinced by Robert's reassurances, Natalie questions if she would hear anything dodgy about them if she knocked on any door in the village. Their silence gives Natalie her answer, so she makes her excuses and leaves. Later, Faith approaches Natalie and insists she can't back out now and Aaron's mother Chas promises Natalie that Aaron has turned his life around and is a fantastic young man resulting in Natalie realising she jumped the gun a bit. She then agrees to talk to Aaron and Robert again, however, moments later, Liv enters the pub and begins mouthing off at Natalie, causing her to changed her mind again. Liv admits to Natalie that she went too far but states she was only sticking up for her family and Aaron takes Liv's side, insisting his little sister's intentions were good. Later, as Aaron, Robert and Liv walk up Main Street, they're surprised to see Natalie. She tells them that she was impressed by how they stuck up for each other in the pub and agrees to be their surrogate. 

Following the revelation of Robert's sister Victoria's rape, the couple decided to put their surrogacy plans on hold for a while but called Natalie again in August and she agrees to come and see them. They tell her the truth about how Robert attacked Victoria's rapist and she is at first understanding but when the police come by arrests Robert on suspicion of GBH, Natalie decides to withdraw from their agreement.

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