Natasha "Tash" Abbott is an old friend of Simon Meredith. Tash and Simon dated for ten years, which made Simon's then-girlfriend Nicola Blackstock increasingly jealous. Tash and Simon's reconciliation continued to unsettle Nicola, and she was on the warpath when she discovered that Simon gave her a rather decent loan. Nicola worried to Simon that Tash was trying to take him from her but he told her that she was being ridiculous. When Tash discovered from Val Pollard that Simon and Nicola's relationship was volatile, she made a move on Simon, which he rejected. However, Nicola gets wind of this and attacks Tash, wanting her out of the village. When Nicola catches Simon giving Tash a friendly peck on the cheek, she tells the village that her business was closed down by environmental health people in Scarborough, driving all her customers away. However, Shadrach Dingle tells Natasha that Nicola spread the rumours, sending Simon on the warpath. However, Tash decides it's best to leave the village. In August 2004, Tash and Simon decide to go into business together but Nicola mistakes their conversation for them having an affair, and their plans fall through.

Natasha returned in January 2006 to pay back the money, and paid him interest as well. Simon was shocked to learn in July 2006 that Natasha got engaged to a man named Russell.

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