The Honourable Neil Kincaid, master of foxhounds, proved a past master of mischief as far as the Tates' marriage was concerned.

The dashing stockbroker returned to the Dales at weekends to pursue his horse-riding interests and help his mother maintain the family seat. Yet despite his title, Neil's designs on Kim Tate were less than honourable. The loss of the baby she and her husband Frank had wanted so much left her emotionally vulnerable and Neil was cad enough to take advantage.

Kim found herself understandably attracted to a handsome man much closer to her own age than her husband and who shared her equine interests. The pair found themselves travelling to horse auctions together, and it was on one such occasion that the relationship was consummated. And though Kathy Tate discovered the truth when she picked up a hotel bill the cocky Neil accidentally dropped while visiting Home Farm, the secret would remain safe until Christmas Day 1992, when Frank saw the expensive watch he'd fondly assumed was destined for his wrist being worn by his rival.

Neil was clearly delighted that Kim's expulsion led her to his door, but hardly as happy when Frank took the horse whip to him as the New Year's Day Hunt prepared for the off! Nevertheless, the bruised bachelor enjoyed having his wounds tended and hurt pride massaged.

His wariness of Frank faded with his injuries, and he was genuinely surprised to find himself staring down the muzzle of a shotgun when he and Kim tried to liberate her horse, Dark Star, from the Tates' stables. Frank's aim was diverted by daughter Zoe, but as the first shots were fired in a potentially messy divorce action, the cracks began to show in Kim and Neil's relationship. Neil couldn't see why Kim should fight for Frank's money when he could keep her in the style to which she'd become accustomed, while his mother and friends all made plain their disapproval of this mismatch of the classes.

The last straw came in March 1993 when Neil decided to acquire new stables for Kim to resume her business without bothering to consult her first. There was a predictable clash of egos, and both parties resumed the single life. For Kim, it was a case of sadder and wiser, but Neil seemed unlikely to change his died-in-the-wool ways. Neil and Kim parted ways for good.

Notable dialogueEdit

  • "Hello Joe." (First line)
  • "Frank, for your own sake, stop it. You're only going to regret this."
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