Nellie Dingle (née Lynch) is the first wife of Zak Dingle and mother of Nathan, Ben, Butch, Sam and Tina Dingle. She first arrived in the village in 1995. Nellie was the feisty matriarch of the Dingle family. In October 1995, Nellie threw a bucket of slurry over Frank Tate when he wanted the Dingles evicted from their home, as technically Frank owned the land and the house. In the end, Frank backed off when his son Chris Tate backed the Dingles. In December 1995, Nellie had to care for her sick father in Ireland. Zak later divorced her.

Nellie returned in February 2000, 4 years since she first left, and she begun attempting to win Zak back from his second wife Lisa. Nellie was devastated when Butch died of injuries sustained in a bus crash in March 2000. Nellie stayed for Butch's funeral and returned to Ireland.

Background information

  • Jane Cox, best known for playing Lisa Dingle, originally auditioned for the role of Nellie, but instead was offered the role of Lisa by producer Mervyn Watson.


"Zak?" (first line)

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