Nellie Ratcliffe ( née Dowson) was the friend of Sam Pearson and the widow of Tom Ratcliffe. Sam and Nellie ended up pursuing a romantic relationship, and Sam proposes to Nellie, but she declines due to their age.

In April 1986, Nellie witnessed the hostage situation at the Vicarage where Derek Warner took Donald Hinton hostage. She gave Amos Brearly a statement.

Background Information

  • Nellie had been worded living in the village from 1981 until 1986. 1986 was her last mention, therefore it is uncertain whether she is still alive or remained in the village. As she was born in around 1900 (or therabouts), she would be almost 120 today if she was still alive, so it is likely she passed away years ago, some time after 1986.

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