Neville Crosby is an loss adjuster who lead the investigation Rakesh Kotecha's insurance claim for a fire at The Mill in July 2016. Neville uncovered dry rot within the property, which he brought up with Rakesh, who feigned surprise at the discovery. A few days later, Neville visited Rakesh and informed him that he had come to the conclusion that the insurance claim was fraudulent. Rakesh couldn't believe it, but Neville stated it looked suspicious as Rakesh checked his policy details in the days before the fire. Rakesh threatened to sue the insurance company but Neville warned him that is he did the police would be involved and they would go through his finances and other aspects of his life with a fine tooth comb. Neville handed Rakesh an insurance document in person. Rakesh pleaded with Neville to tick the box so he could claim on the insurance, even offering Neville a cut of the money, but Neville drove away.

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