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Noah Christopher Dingle (né Tate, previously Sharma and Macey, also Christopher Francis Tate Jr.) is the son of Charity Dingle and Christopher Tate and the half-brother of Debbie Dingle, Ryan Stocks, Joe Tate and Moses Dingle.

For the first few months of his life, Noah was raised by his aunt Zoe Tate who named him after his late father before he was returned to his mother who renamed him Noah.


2004-2005: Birth, Zoe Tate and leaving the village

Charity went into labour whilst she was serving time in prison for the alleged murder of her ex-husband Chris Tate, who in actuality had committed suicide after discovering he had an inoperable brain tumour in order to frame Charity for his murder. She was rushed to hospital where Noah was born three months prematurely on the 1st March 2004, via emergency cesarean, weighing only two pounds two ounces.

Charity planned to have her baby adopted as she could not offer him a future whilst in prison. She initially didn't know who her baby's father was as she had slept with her cousins Cain and Marlon Dingle as well as Chris in the time frame of Noah's conception, so Cain's father Zak Dingle ordered a DNA test convinced that the baby was his grandchild. Noah's sister Debbie Jones was against Charity having the baby adopted like she was and named him Enoch, which means the son of Cain in the bible. Charity didn't like the name and they agreed to name the baby Noah.

Whilst waiting for the DNA test results the doctor told Charity that her that baby has been taken seriously ill. He was diagnosed with Necrotising Enterocolitis, a condition that is not uncommon with premature babies. The doctor explained that Noah needed surgery and despite the doctor telling her to try and remain positive Charity demanded to know what Noah's chances of survival were. The doctor tells her that Noah only had a 50/50 chance of pulling through. 

Baby Noah with Charity and Zoe.

As the Dingles prepared for Noah's surgery the DNA results arrived and everyone was shocked when the results revealed that Chris was Noah's father. Chris' sister Zoe decided that she would get custody of Noah and Charity agreed in return for the evidence that would see her released from prison, as well as £10,000 on top. Zoe renamed the baby, Christopher Francis Tate Jr. after her late brother and banned Charity and Debbie from seeing him. Zoe was able to take baby Christopher home to Home Farm when he was two months old. Christopher was christened in St. Mary's Church with Scott Windsor as his godfather. Debbie attended the service despite Zoe not wanting her there. Zoe relented and admitted that Debbie should be a part of Christopher's life.

Zoe planned to adopt Christopher, however, Social Services got involved and a hearing was held to assess her suitability. In July 2004, Zoe was informed that her application got turned down due to her previous mental health problems as well as already having her hands full with her daughter Jean and Chris' older son Joseph. Social Services informed Charity of the verdict and asked her to decide if she wanted her son back or put him up for adoption elsewhere. Charity was initially resistant but eventually admitted that she didn't like the thought of him being brought up by strangers and asked for baby Christopher back. Zoe reluctantly handed him back to Charity, however, Charity promised Zoe would be allowed regular access to him if she so wished. She then changed his name back to Noah and he moved into Holdgate Farm with her and her fiancé Tom King as well as Tom's family.

Noah left the village to live in Spain in March 2005 with Charity after her relationship with Tom broke down. Originally Debbie was going to come with them but she hanged her mind last minute and after an emotional farewell, Charity and Noah drove out of the village.  

2007-2013: Return to Emmerdale and numerous stepdads

Charity and Noah return to Emmerdale

By 2007 Charity and Noah had returned to England and had moved in with Michael Conway, who Charity later got engaged to. Noah believed Michael was his real father. On 1st October 2009, Debbie and Cain gatecrashed Charity and Michael's wedding and revealed Michael and Debbie's affair, as well as Charity, lies about being pregnant and lying about her past. Michael subsequently left Charity and said a heartfelt goodbye to Noah. Charity and Noah returned to the village and moved into Tug Ghyll with Cain, Debbie and Debbie's daughter Sarah. Charity and Noah briefly left the village but they returned and move in with Marlon at Tall Trees Cottage. On Christmas Day 2009, Charity and Cain got engaged and they moved back in together. 

In February 2010 Cain arranged for a Emmerdale Haulage lorry full of sat-navs to be hijacked, unaware that Carl King has asked Charity to do the run. Noah was in the cab with Charity when it was hijacked, leaving him terrified. A few days after the hijacking Noah told Charity that he saw Cain during the hijacking. Charity was furious and called off their wedding, although they stayed together. The following month Cain secretly arranged for him and Charity to get married. and brought her there without her knowing of his true intent. Charity ended up not going through with the ceremony in part due to Noah not being there.

In February 2011 Charity and Noah moved into Holdgate Farm with Jai Sharma after Charity and Cain's relationship broke down. Charity and Jai began a relationship and Noah eventually warmed to him. They married in January 2012 and soon after Jai wanted him and Charity to have a child of their own. Charity didn't want any more children so Jai asked to adopt Noah. They ended up just changing Noah's name to Noah Christopher Sharma. In November 2013 Charity discovered that Jai had fathered a secret son, Archie, with the cleaner Rachel Breckle during their marriage. She was furious and filed for divorce, leaving Noah devastated at the loss of another father figure. Jai and Charity tried to make a go of things but they Charity couldn't look past Jai's betrayal so she and Noah moved in with Debbie, Sarah and Jack in Debbie's new house, Mulberry Cottage.

2013-2015: Declan Macey and living at Butler's Farm

On Christmas Day 2013, Charity gave Declan Macey an alibi after he set fire to his own house, Home Farm. In April 2014, Charity discovered that she was pregnant with his baby. She planned to have an abortion but Declan found out and proposed to Charity and told Noah that he was to be a big brother. Charity and Declan married the following month, and they changed Noah's surname to Macey. Charity aborted the baby and pretended that she had a miscarriage, and blamed Declan's sister, Megan, after she pushed her.

Noah collapses.

In September 2014, Charity stopped Jai from taking Noah to football as he wanted to take Megan as well. Annoyed at Charity, Noah took a bottle of her wine out to play with his best friend Jacob. Jacob refused to take a drink of the wine but Noah took a swig. Noah collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where Charity and Declan were told that Noah was in a critical condition. They learned that the bottle of wine that Noah drank from was spiked with pesticides and that Noah had gotten an allergic reaction to pesticides. Megan was arrested attempting to murder Charity, as it was Charity's bottle of wine.

After Noah was released from hospital Charity left him with Debbie as Declan planned to Charity to a secluded cottage to relax and get away from everything that had been going on. Whilst at the cottage Declan tried to murder Charity but she escaped onto a boat in the middle of a lake. Declan managed to get aboard the boat and aimed a flare gun at Charity but he ended up shooting Megan's son Robbie. Charity hit Declan over the head with the gun and he fell into the water. When Charity got home she broke the news to Noah that Declan wouldn't be coming back. Charity and Noah moved back into Home Farm alone and Charity reverted hers and Noah's surname to Dingle. Declan returned briefly in October 2014 and told Jai about Charity blackmailing Rachel to leave, as well as sending a confession of the truth about the fire and Charity's involvement in it. Due to the video, the insurance company reposed Home Farm. Jai kidnapped Charity and locked her in a container to try and make her tell him where Rachel was with Archie, even though she had no idea. Noah thought that Charity abandoned him so he asked Debbie if he could stay with her instead. Charity moved in with Cain and his wife Moira at Butlers Farm and persuaded Noah to move in too.

In November 2014, Noah started to bully Jacob, because he felt like Charity had abandoned him. Noah wrote 'MURDERER' on the front of Wishing Well Cottage, using spray-paint. This made Belle Dingle's name stand out because she pushed her friend, Gemma Andrews causing her to hit her head and later dying later in hospital. He also made Jacob use spray-paint on and trash Bernice Blackstock's beauty salon. Noah got Jacob to steal money from the church but he was caught in the act by Kerry Wyatt and vicar Harriet Finch. They took Jacob to his mother Alicia Metcalfe, where they explained everything. Alicia found spray-paint in Jacob's bag, making Kerry assume that Jacob had vandalised the salon, so she started to shout at him, unaware that Noah made him do it. Jacob confessed the following morning about Noah bullying him, to Alicia and her husband David. Jacob refused to take the bus to get to school because Noah was also getting on it. Alicia and David told Charity who punished Noah by not allowing to go on a skiing trip that Connelton Primary School were offering to students in Noah's year group. However, after realising why he was acting out she told him they would instead go on a trip together. She told him she missed him and had not been around much to give him space, which she thought he wanted but that that was going to change from now on. 

In January 2015, Charity was sent to prison for perverting the course of justice. Noah was originally going to be staying with Zak and Lisa at Wishing Well Cottage but asked to continue staying at Butlers with Cain and Moira as he looked to Cain as a father figure. The following month, Cain took Noah to visit Charity but she stopped sending her family visiting orders, which left Noah heartbroken. In June, whilst Debbie was visiting Charity in prison, she unexpectantly went into labour, without any of her family even knowing she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Charity had hoped that having a baby would reduce her sentence but it didn't so she handed the baby over to Debbie to look after. Noah was not happy with Charity and thought that she stopped seeing him because she was more interested in her new baby. He was also frosty towards the baby, who the Dingles named Moses and asked to stay with Cain and Moira for good. Charity told Moses' father Ross Barton that she wouldn't tell anyone that he was the father if he split up Cain and Moira for her. Ross suggested to Noah that Charity was sending him visiting orders but Moira was not telling him about them, however, Moira managed to convince Noah that that was not true.

2016-2019: Living at The Woolpack 

In January 2016, Noah overheard Moira talking about Charity selling him as a baby, he was upset, and after a phone call to Charity, Noah ran away. Emma Barton found Noah wandering the streets and hid him in The Grange B&B overnight. Moira and Cain were frantic with worry although Noah turned up the following day. Charity was released in March 2016, and she and Noah moved into The Woolpack, after Charity had bought Diane Sugden's share of the pub.

On 2nd June 2016, Robert Sugden found out that Noah was sending crude anonymous texts to Liv Flaherty claiming to be her deceased father Gordon, who sexually abused Liv's half-brother, Noah's cousin Aaron, as a child. The following day, possessing a nasty side himself, Robert agreed to keep Noah's secret to himself, and simultaneously threatening and warned him off tormenting Liv any further. Noah's relationship with his mother continued to be strained, and when Moira's daughter Holly died suddenly in September 2016, Noah, eager to help, started to help out around the farm.

Charity promises Noah that he will be her top priority.

However, Moira persuaded Noah to try and bond with Charity instead of her. In October, Charity and Cain planned to leave the village to live with Debbie in France. Noah was upset to find out they were planning to go without him, even though Charity insisted she would send for him once they had settled. However, After Cain left Charity alone by the roadside, upon realising he was still in love with Moira, she returned to the village. When Charity came back she promised that from now on Noah would be her top priority and Noah said she would be his. 

In 2018 Noah met his half-brother Joe Tate who had returned to the village and started seeing Debbie under the alias Tom Waterhouse. He stole Charity and Debbie's Bentley and publicly humiliated Debbie as revenge for his father's death which he blamed Charity for. With Joe's arrival Charity was forced to tell Noah the truth about his father and how he killed himself and tried to blame Charity for his murder. Noah began skipping school to visit Joe at Home Farm where they played chess and poker together. Charity found out and reluctantly agreed to let Noah keep seeing Joe. In August, Charity introduces Noah to his long lost brother, Ryan Stocks, who she had as a result of rape at the age of fourteen. It all becomes too much for Noah who doesn't want anything to do with Ryan because of what his dad did to Charity, causing Noah to move out and start living with Joe at Home Farm instead. Charity tries to convince him to come back home and give Ryan another chance but he says he'll only be in the way. He eventually warms up to Ryan and in September, they attend Charity's trial against her rapist together to support her.

In October 2018, Joe disappears without a word leaving Noah devastated. Kim Tate arrives and throws Noah out of his home at Home Farm, leading to him moving back into the Woolpack with his mum. When Kim is pushed from a balcony, Charity suspects Noah is the one responsible and confronts him, upsetting him as he is innocent. A few days later, Graham calls Noah up to Home Farm, as Noah still can't get his head around Joe's disappearance. Graham explains that Joe had tried to steal Home Farm from Kim, spent her money like it was his and promised him and Debbie things that were never his to give. Noah states he doesn't care if Joe is rich or not, and he doesn't think Debbie would either. Graham assures Noah that Joe was proud to have him as his brother and loved him very much. He then presents Noah with the cuff links Joe was going to wear to marry Debbie, explaining they originally belonged to their dad. When Noah comments there are loads he doesn't know about Joe, Graham promises him he can ask him if he has any question.

Noah, Leanna and Amelia leave Daz's car in a field.

In late November 2018, Noah feels ignored by Charity as she's busy with Sarah's recovery and left behind by Joe, so he asks to join Leanna Cavanagh's gang after learning she hacked the school computer system and sent out a message, giving everybody a day off. A few days later, the head-teacher Jessie Grant approaches Noah, Leanna and Amelia Spencer and informs them she's sent out an e-mail to parents saying that any pupils caught getting involved in dares and pranks will be servery dealt with but the teens ignore. The following day, they flood the school to get the rest of the day off. Later, Noah, Leanna and Amelia steal Daz Spencer's car and go joyriding. After Leanna almost crashes the car they dump the car in a field and heads home. Daz later finds the car and is involved in a hit-and-run accident. The police find out and believe the kids are the ones responsible as Noah's phone is found in the stolen car. Noah eventually admits to being in the car however insist they left it before the accident. In December, Noah gets excluded from school till after Christmas due to his involvement in the flooding and poor attendance record. 

In April 2019, Charity tells Noah that Joe has been found alive but is not coming back. Noah is devastated. After Charity leaves the room, Debbie reveals Graham knew where Joe was the whole time and he insists Kim and Graham can't get away with this. Debbie promises they won't.

2019-2021: Protecting Sarah and overdose

In August 2019, Noah, Charity and Moses along with Charity's fianceé Vanessa Woodfield and her son Johnny moved out of the Woolpack, feeling that the place had gotten too crowded, especially since Paddy's dad Bear moved in. On 13th August they moved in with Sarah at Debbie's old house after she left for Scotland

In November 2019, Sarah and Noah held a party at the house while Charity was working late. However, Noah started getting worried when Sarah took a pill of PMA from her new friend Danny, especially considering her medical history and severe heart condition. Charity and Vanessa returned home and broke up the party but Noah continued to worry as Sarah kept hanging out with Danny and even overheard him giving her more pills. Noah wanted to tell Charity and Vanessa about what was going on but Sarah convinced him not to. After finding pills in Sarah's bag that she held for Danny, Noah confronted him and tried to warn him to stay away from her, revealing how sick she was, but to no avail as they grew even closer.

Noah suffers an overdose in the woods.

Sarah continued to pressure Noah not to tell on her and assured him that she had given the pills back to Danny and was not holding them for him anymore. However, Noah did not believe her and on 20th December 2019, he looked through her bag again and found a bag of pills. Sarah caught him and he tried to tell her he was just looking out for her but she was having none of it and told him he was a sad little freak who was making the pills into a bigger deal than it actually was. She told him he was pathetic and embarrassing so he put the pills in his pocket and left, ignoring Sarah's warnings that Danny would kill him. While Noah walked around the village, Graham caught him and confiscates the drugs, unaware that he still had a few in his pocket. Feeling alone and forgotten, he finally took the pills and suffered an overdose alone in the woods. He was found by a dog walker the following day and was taken to hospital, where the doctors told a devastated Charity that he had an overdose which coupled with a severe case of hypothermia from being out in the woods all night contributed to a condition called rhabdomyolysis which could leave him with kidney damage. He woke up the next day but had to be kept in hospital over Christmas. 

Charity tried to get to the bottom of why Noah took the drugs and Noah told her he was feeling low that day after feeling ignored by Charity coupled with Sarah calling him pathetic and Graham saying Joe would have been disappointed with him, then he remembered he had the pills and just took them. However, Noah got upset when she only focused on Graham, already furious that he'd found Noah with drugs without telling her and now convinced that he was the reason Noah took them, but didn't seem to understand her own part in it. In January 2020, Noah opened up to Charity again, saying that she only cared about herself and hated Graham more than she loved him. She apologised for not being good at showing it but reassured him that she loved him and had been worried sick about him. Later, Noah was relieved when Sarah finally ditched Danny and reported him to the police after he attempted to get her to deal drugs for him.

In late January, Noah was devastated when Graham was murdered by Pierce Harris, and took offence when Charity kept badmouthing him. When Charity emphasised how Graham was responsible for his drug overdose by not telling her about the drugs, Noah had enough of Charity not knowing the truth and furiously revealed that Sarah was the one responsible.

Noah in December 2020.

In November 2020, Noah was upset with Charity when she messed up their relationship kissing someone else and Vanessa decided to leave the village. Noah and Sarah got worried as Charity began spiralling and stated drinking too much to cope but she was unwilling to listen. Charity eventually decided it would be best for Noah and Sarah to move out and stay with Cain at Butlers Farm while she got her head straight but they refused. However, after Cain realized what was going on, he agreed and insisted on taking the teens in. After speaking to Chas to encouraged him to find his own path, Noah decided he wanted to drop out of school and join the British Army, although Charity didn't want to sign the consent forms.

However, Noah would eventually be rejected from the Army's selection programme, and barred for life for reapplying, after it was discovered that he had lied during a medical examination.

2021-2022: Darker personality

In April 2021, Jamie Tate hires Noah to spy on Gabby Thomas at Home Farm as he is suspicious about her intentions. Whilst he is doing this, he develops a crush on Gabby, and does really creepy things such as feeling her underwear in the washing basket. He is caught by Will Taylor, who tells Gabby what he saw. When Gabby finds out, she is left feeling very uncomfortable and she tells Noah to leave her alone. He then follows her home, and after she catches him, it leads to a confrontation and Noah tells Gabby that she’s a ‘dirty prostitute’. Days later, he apologises, and she forgives him, but their friendship is still not repaired. In August, they are in The Woolpack, Noah criticises Gabby for allowing Jamie to move back into Home Farm (He had been kicked out weeks prior after Kim found out that he had been spiking her drinks), and calls her a ‘stupid cow’ this is all heard by Liam Cavanagh, who tells Noah that he is being rude and to leave.

Since the incident in the pub, Noah and Gabby have hardly spoken, apart from after Liv Flaherty had been attacked when she was drunk. Gabby finds a voicemail message on her phone from Liv when she was drunk, and Noah was heard in the background, and they were arguing. Gabby tells Liv about everything that happened with her and Noah, and when Aaron overhears, they all assume that he sexually assaulted her, and they all confront him outside his house, Noah claims that he tried to help Liv although none of them believe him and Gabby reminds everyone about what he did to her. This is all heard by his mother Charity, who tells Noah to go inside, and sends his accusers away. She speaks to Noah about his treatment of Gabby and tells him that it is not right to treat women the way he treated Gabby. She then retrieved the CCTV from the area where the supposed attack happened, and it turned out that Noah had been telling the truth after all. Aaron and Liv later apologise, although he doesn’t want to hear it.

In November 2021, Noah and Chloe Harris start seeing each other in secret. They try to sleep together, although Noah was too drunk to do anything. After this, they plan to run away together after Charity and Kerry Wyatt (who is currently responsible for Chloe) object to their relationship, however, they are both caught and taken back home. Noah continues to impress Chloe, and even steals Leanna Cavanagh’s ring from Meena Jutla (which was stolen from Leanna when Meena murdered her). Eventually, Kerry and Charity allow them to see each other, although their relationship turns sour when Chloe sleeps with Jacob Gallagher. Noah is furious about this, so punches Jacob and calls Chloe a ‘slapper’ and ‘the village bike’ when Chloe tells him that their over, he angrily throws flowers towards her which scares her.

In March 2022, Noah upsets Liv and Vinny by showing a weird interest in their sex life. That same month, Amelia Spencer develops a crush on Noah. At a party, she starts talking to him and they get on well, however, he is actually trying to make Chloe jealous by spending time with Amelia, although, she is oblivious to this. Eventually when Chloe leaves the party, he tells her that he still wants her back, although she tells him it’s not going to happen and then tells Amelia to watch out. He then responded by telling her that he never fancied her anyway, to which she called him pathetic. After she leaves, Amelia tries to comfort him although he angrily lashes out at her by telling her that she’s nothing special and that she never would be. After this, she becomes very vulnerable. Days after this, him and Samson are together in The Hide, and Noah mocks Samson for still not sleeping with anyone yet. This behaviour is witnessed by Matty Barton who tells Noah to cut it out. He doesn’t listen, and Samson storms off. As he is doing so, he then makes an inappropriate comment about Amelia. This is overheard by Al Chapman who furiously confronts Noah, and tells him he should always respect women and to stay away from Amelia. Noah says that he’s not scared of Al, although he tells him that if he goes near her again, he will regret it, and to jog on.

2022-: Stalking Chloe Harris

When the tension betweeen Noah and Chloe eases, he starts doing her favours such as buying tickets for concerts that she likes, and giving her a pass to go to an escape room with Sarah. However, Noah is trying to win Chloe back. When he discovers that she ditched the concert to see Nate Robinson instead, he is furious. He then installs a tracker on to her phone when she isn’t looking and buys a drone to film her when she is sleeping. He also breaks into the house and snoops around her room and takes several photos, incriminating himself in the process. Chloe then unexpectedly enters the house, so finds himself hiding in her wardrobe. She nearly catches him, although luckily for him, Kerry calls her and tells her to meet her in the village, so she heads back out of the house. Noah then plants a microphone on her bookshelf and takes her diary. When he returns home, he listens to a conversation between her and Kerry and learns about an upcoming party. When Sarah also mentions it, and even steals alcohol from the pub, he agrees to go too. When he is at the party, he realises that he is still in possession of Chloe’s diary, so dumps it in Jacob Gallagher’s bag. When Jacob opens his bag and Chloe discovers her diary, she accuses him of Noah’s crime instead. Jacob protested his innocence although not many people believed him.

In May, After manipulating Chloe for weeks, Noah invites her over to the house, since no one else is home. When she is there, she realises that Noah had her house keys which were stolen by Noah. He then explains that Moses picked them up and that he was surprised that he didn’t put two and two together, and that Jacob had probably used them to enter the house. Noah then goes to the shop to get some snacks and Chloe goes on his laptop to change the music playing. As she is doing so, she notices a file with her initials, so clicks on it and then realises that it was Noah who had been harassing her. He then returns and Chloe explains how she knows what he did and that she wants to leave. Noah refuses to let her go and then pushes her over and holds his hand over her mouth. Charity walks in just in time and stops her son from causing any more grief. Chloe then manages to escape and tells Al and Kerry everything. When Kerry says that she wants to report Noah, Charity explains that mentally he is still a kid and that she can help him better than anyone else. Al then heads over to the house to confront Noah, to find that he has done a runner. He continues to look for Noah and finds him in the Pavilion. He tells Noah to give him the laptop or else he wouldn’t like the alternative. Cain comes to Noah’s rescue and tells Al that if he wants Noah, he’d have to get through him first.

Afterwards, Amy Wyatt finds Charity in the pub to discuss what has happened. She spies the laptop and when Charity is distracted, she grabs it, gives it to Al, who heads to the police station. This leads to a car chase between Cain and Al, although during the chase, Al confuses Cain by suddenly turning off. Cain then does a hand break turn although ends up crashing and injuring Chas, who was also in the car. Al then rescues them both and Cain is taken to hospital. Meanwhile, Chas manages to get the laptop back when Al isn’t looking.

The following morning, Chas returns the laptop to Charity who heads up the scrap yard to destroy it, although after talking with Kim Tate, she decides to hand it to the police after all. Noah is then arrested and charged. He is furious when he finds out it was Charity who reported him, and he moves out of the house whilst on bail. He pleads guilty, and is consequently given a 3 month custodial sentence.

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"Mummy, can you play cards with me?" - first line upon his return in 2009.

"Do you really want to know who is to blame for that? Ask Sarah!" - to Charity Dingle, revealing that Sarah was responsible for him getting the drugs to begin with.



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