An unnamed Nurse was on duty at Hotten General Hospital in October 2017 when Moira Dingle was brought in unconscious, having unexpectedly given birth to a baby boy during a barn fire. The nurse raised the alarm when she discovered Moira's newborn was missing from the neonatal unit. Emma Barton had managed to sneak in to the neonatal unit to say her goodbyes to the baby she believed was her grandson. Emma took police officers walking by the room as a sign, so she removed the baby from the incubator and escaped. When Moira woke up, she was shocked to learn that not only she had given birth, but her baby had now been kidnapped. She feared for her son's safety as she was aware unstable Emma killed her partner James the previous year. The baby was found at the church unharmed and returned to the hospital where the nurse brought him to Moira. A few days later, the nurse handed Moira the results of the paternity test which revealed Emma's son Pete wasn't the baby's father - Moira's estranged husband Cain was.

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