An unnamed Nurse attended to Priya Sharma when she gave birth to her daughter Amba Metcalfe six weeks prematurely in May 2014. She supported Priya as she struggled to express breast milk for baby Amba. Over a year later in July 2015, the nurse allowed Ross Barton into the neo-natal ward and lead him to the side of his infant son Moses Dingle's incubator. In May 2016, the nurse gave Amba's dad David Metcalfe's his pre-op medication when he was in Hotten General Hospital for an operation to remove a cancerous testicle and lymph nodes. She caught David trying to leave the hospital before he had been signed off by the physiotherapist, so she ushered him back into bed. The nurse tended to Chrissie White in February 2017 after she fell over a banister on to a glass table below.

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