Until 1967, the Dingle family lived in a farmhouse in a remote part of Beckindale. In 1960, Jedediah Dingle had an argument with his wife, Peg Dingle and walked out on her and their several children. Peg told her children that Jed had died, but as there was blood on the floor, Zak thought she killed Jed and possibly buried him in the garden. By 1967, the family had moved out of the farmhouse, and the farmhouse became derelict over the years.

In 2002, Zak Dingle tried to find out the truth about his father so went back to the farmhouse and tried to find Jed's bones but was unsuccessful. His former home had now been uninhabited for 40 years and trees were growing inside the old home and the roof had caved in. In the end, Peg revealed the truth to Zak, that Jed had walked out one night, and the blood on the floor was actually hers, as he had hit her before storming out that night.

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