PC Hayes arrived at Wishing Well Cottage in January 2014 with an unnamed female officer, to conduct a search of the cottage following the arrest of Sam Dingle for arson. A thrilled Belle Dingle later told Lisa Dingle and Rachel Breckle how pony Hamish had nearly pooed on the officers.

PC Hayes visited Brook Cottage in March 2015, when Pearl Ladderbanks admitted to stealing £5,000 from her employers to fund her gambling habit.

In August 2016, Belle, who was suffering from mental health problems, went missing. Her mother Lisa handed Belle's hairbrush to PC Hayes for DNA identification, in case Belle was found in a state, and unable to identify herself. PC Hayes assured Belle's family that the police are doing everything they can to find her. A week later, PC Hayes returned to Wishing Well with colleague PC Stone to collect a voicemail message from Belle, off of Zak's phone. Whilst there, a message came through on the radio that Belle's phone had been found.

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