PC Neil is one of the police officers who first arrived on 22nd October 2012 when the Dingles find out about Debbie Dingle's boyfriend Cameron Murray's affair with Debbie's aunt Chas and attacks him.

PC Neil drove his police car and parked outside The Woolpack to see what the situation was and a few minutes later, he burst into the building to see Cain Dingle beating Cameron before stopping him. Cain's daughter Debbie then tells PC Neil that Chas thinks that she killed Carl King, but Cain doesn’t believe her and then tries to beat up Cameron again before PC Neil arrests him and Charity Sharma. Chas decided that she wanted to be arrested for murdering Carl King, so she confessed to PC Neil and got arrested along with Charity and Cain. PC Neil and his crew took Chas, Cain and Charity to their police cars. The villagers watched on and Jimmy King wanted to know what was happening. He told Chas what was happening before PC Neil purposely told him to keep back away from the situation. Jimmy felt insulted before walking back to his house fuming and PC Neil and his crew, took Chas, Cain and Charity to the police station and Debbie and Cameron watched them drive away from the village and they went back indoors.

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