PC Williams talked to Victoria Sugden and Val and Eric Pollard after Amy Wyatt kidnapped her toddler son Kyle Winchester, who she had given up for adoption in November 2013.

In February 2015, Williams was the first person to interview Alicia Metcalfe after she reported that 14-year-old Lachlan White sexually assaulted her. She later informed Jimmy King, that his employee Novak Ketov had been beaten up and was in hospital. She also informed him that he faced a large civil penalty for employing an illegal immigrant.

In October 2015 she called at Home Farm and cautioned Lawrence White after he intimidated Eric, who was a witness against his daughter Chrissie.

In February 2016, Williams was called out to The Woolpack after Gordon Livesy threatened his ex-wife Chas Dingle and pinned her against a wall. Two months later, Williams visited Pierce Harris when he reported that Rakesh Kotecha was covering for his son Kirin in relation to the death of his wife Tess.

In June 2016 she arrested Belle Dingle for breaking into the home of Jermaine Bailey and Angie Bailey.

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