Pam Coulter is the wife of Will Coulter and the mother of Pip Coulter. Pip wanted to join St. Mary's Church in April 1978 but Pam and Will refused, causing a scene outside the church. As a result, Pip and Pam's relationship became strained and Pip ran away, not wanting to see her mother. Donald Hinton and Annie Sugden resolve to talk to Pam and Will but when Annie goes around, Pam coolly told her that Pip is out and slammed the door in Annie's face. A pregnant Pip ended up performing an armed robbery on The Woolpack with secret husband Steve Hawker in May 1978, and the pair went on the run. Everyone realised Pam was to blame and Will attacked Pam, putting her in hospital. When Pip was caught and released, Pam refused to allow her to return home.

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