Pamela Montclare has a brief affair with Rodney Blackstock.

Pam arrives in Emmerdale with her husband Richard for a Boxing Day shoot at Home Farm. She and Rodney Blackstock soon get on well, and are just about to make love in Rodney's house when Jamie Hope arrives. They just about tidy themselves up before Richard arrives. They return to the village the following week for another shoot, and stay in Rodney's cottage for the first night. When her husband has gone to bed, Pam shares a kiss with Rodney before joining her husband. The following day, while Richard is on a shoot, she and Rodney sleep together. When Shadrach Dingle suggests this to Richard, he goes to the B&B , and although Rodney just has time to escape, Pam cannot hide they have been together. They both then leave the village. However, Pam and Rodney continue their affair and Pam visits the village again on 27th January. They are about to go to his bedroom, when Paul Lambert and Diane Sugden arrive telling Rodney he cannot have an affair with his heart condition. Pam then quickly leaves, not wanting to be put in that situation. Rodney then explains to Paul and Diane he does not have a heart condition, it was made up by Val Lambert as a ploy to keep Paul in the village.

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