An unnamed Paramedic assisted after seventeen year old Amy Wyatt confided in David Metcalfe that she secretly had a baby and left him in the a phone box in December 2011. Amy refused to seek medical attention but when she feel asleep David called an ambulance. The paramedic tried to check Amy over but she tried to run away. Amy got in the ambulance and allowed the paramedic to attend to her. During the ride to the hospital, the paramedic called David Amy's boyfriend but David put her straight. The paramedic told them they need to get in contact with Amy's next of kin, David told her he already has.

In July 2012, the paramedic rushed pregnant Debbie Dingle to the hospital after she got knocked to the ground and banged her head. Two and a half years later the same paramedic attended to Debbie's father Cain Dingle after he was found unconscious in the river.

The paramedic rushed to the aid of those involved in the Hotten Bypass pile up in October 2016. She attended to barley conscious Aaron Dingle, who had been pulled from the water where his car ended up. She later stepped in when Aaron's furious partner Robert Sugden went for Lachlan White.

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